Saturday, 1 September 2012

Mary Brown : Fast Food in Genting

Mary Brown is one of Malaysian fast food in Genting. Marry Brown has founded in 1981 and now they have more than 250 outlets in Malaysia, China, Kuwait, Tanzania, UAE and etc. Even they have many outlets around the world, but Marry Brown doesn't open their outlet in Jakarta, so when I visited Genting last month with Julia, Rian, Mia, and Sara. We decided to tried Malaysian fast food which is Mary Brown. 

When we visited Mary Brown its round 4pm, so there was less visitor. The ambient in Mary Brown is great also they have many seat to accommodate visitor. 

Like the other fast food restaurant, they sell fried chicken. But beside fried chicken, they also have many variety of fried chicken, there are nasi mary brown, fish burger, and many more. We weren't have lunch, so we want something serious dish. So my sister, Irene ordered fish fillet burger, Sara ordered mie laksa, me and Julia ordered lucky plate. 

Fish Fillet Burger Combo RM 13.10

My sister ordered fish fillet burger combo, so she got fried fries and drink. The fish fillet burger is yummy. It looks like hot dog fish, since they use the hot dog bread. For the fish is smooth and the white sauce as topping is great too. The white sauce as topping is reminds me fillet o fish in MCD. The fried fries is cold. Fried fries should be fried when you are ordered, but in Mary Brown the fried fries is disappointed. 

Nasi Mary Brown

Rian's meals nasi mary brown. It should be nasi lemak with marinated chicken, but they change the marinated chicken with marry brown fried chicken. It served with mary brown authentic sambal, crispy papadam, fresh acar, and crunchy peanuts and anchovies. In my opinion, the idea to make nasi lemak become nasi mary brown is great, but for me I prefer the authentic nasi lemak. 

Mie Laksa Mary Brown 

Mie laksa mary brown is sara's meal. It looks tempting as the presentation, but when I taste it, it is less spice on it. The richness of soup is quite great, but the spice should be added more also the salt. For me it is not really good. 

Lucky Plate Combo RM 17.50

This is my lucky plate combo. It served with 2 pieces of chicken, mashed potato, fresh salad, ans buttered sweet bun. In my opinion the fried chicken is yummy, also it looks nice when they served with salad, mashed potato and sweet buttered bun. For the dipping, the chili sauce is tease me. It taste sour and sweet, looks like Indonesian need more serious chili sauce. For drink, I picked ice lemon tea to accompany my lucky plate combo.

In my opinion, they should have value meal with one piece of chicken, coz not everybody could eat two pieces of chicken. This style eat fried chicken is kinda new for me, since we usually eat by rice and not served with salad too. 

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Marrybrown Genting Highland
First World Plaza
Tel: (603) 6436 3122

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