Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Starbucks Indonesia Autumn Gathering 2012

Last thursday, I invited to Starbucks Indonesia Autumn Gathering 2012 in Kota Kasablanka store as their newest store in Jakarta. It was an awesome gathering. This is my first come to Starbucks Indonesia Gathering. It is my honor to come to this gathering. In this gathering, Starbucks Indonesia was launching their Autumn Blend, Sea Salt Caramel Mocha, their yummy foods to accompany the coffee and anniversary blend of 25th Starbucks Indonesia. So here it is! 

Autumn Blend is a blend coffee from Sumatra and Antigua region in Guatemala. Expertly roasted to create a full bodied brew with subtle spice and nuances of herbs lemon, cedar and cocoa. 

Autumn Blend - Tokyo Cheese Danish

The best pair of Autumn Blend is savory to sweet so tokyo cheese danish maybe one of the best Autumn Blend pairs.  

Sea Salt of Caramel Mocha
Starbucks has 3 variants of sea salt caramel mocha, there are sea salt caramel mocha (hot), ice sea salt caramel mocha, and sea salt caramel frappucino. Sea Salt of Caramel Mocha (hot) is combination of espresso with steamed milk, mixed with mocha sauce and their special syrup, topped with whipped cream, caramel sauce and turbindo sugar with smoked sea salt. From 3 variants of sea salt caramel mocha, I prefer their sea salt caramel mocha (hot) even I am a frappucino lover, it is because sea salt caramel mocha is better taste, the coffee is stronger also the turbindo sugar and smoked sea salt is tastier. 

Purple Yam Coconut Cake Rp.25,000,-
Purple Yam Coconut is made from Yam. I am not into yam and coconut, but this cake is break my expectation of yam and coconut. It is very yummy, they cake is yam and layer by coconut cream, so it will be crunchy inside, coz there is coconut powder on the layer.  But, the cake texture is dry, when I ate it the cake is messy. 

Valencia Tart Rp.25,000,-
Valencia Tart is chocolate madness tart. It is whole chocolate tart. The chocolate is rich and the chocolate cream is really mate. So great when you keep in the refrigerator for awhile and eat in cold.

Jalapeno Cheese Roll Rp.15,000,-
Jalapeno Cheese Roll is cheese bread with jalapeno and garlic so it is savoury and little bit spicy. I don't like spicy, so Jalapeno is might be my enemy, but this Jalapeno Cheese Roll is yummy, even it is little bit spicy but it payed for the chewy and smooth bread also the garlic is exquisite.  

Smoked Chicken Apple on Sundried Tomato Foccacia Rp. 34,000,-
Smoked Chicken Apple on Sundried Tomato Foccacia is foccacia bread mixed with smoked tomato, smoked chicken mixed with salad, green apple, cheese slice and honey lemon dressing. This sandwich is really great. I usually eat sandwich with tomato sauce or chili sauce, but in my opinion this sandwich doesn't need that things, coz the cheese really great also mixes salad, green apple and honey lemon dressing are great, sweet savoury and fresh. In my opinion, this sandwich will be energetic breakfast for quite bite. 

Anniversary Blend is full-bodies Asia/Pacific blend features rare Sumatran beans that we age ourselves, turning 130-pound burlap sacks by hand over a period of 3-5 years until the coffee develops a big, bold flavor with a heavy, syrupy body and cedary spicy notes.

Last year, Starbucks Indonesia launched VIA as an instant coffee from Starbucks. They have 4 VIA variants. There are veranda as beginner step, columbia and house blend medium step and italian is strong coffee taste. 

In this chance, they launched new sweet treats made from VIA. As we know, Starbucks has VIA red velvet as one of famous red velvet cake in Jakarta.

VIA Red Velvet Cake Rp.25,000,-
VIA Snowflake Land Rp.17,500,-
VIA Snowflake Land is puff filling with VIA coffee and topped with melted chocolate and white chocolate crumbs. The VIA vla is yummy, the coffe is strong.  

VIA Mocha Land Rp.27,500,-
VIA Mocha Land is mocha roll cake. They used VIA Veranda for the coffee flavour. In my opinion this VIA Mocha Land is too sweet. But it will be goof if companion with hot black coffee.  

All autumn beverages, whole bean and foods will be available since today 11 September 2012. It will be seasonal til 7-8 weeks so grab it fast, before it sold out!

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