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Bobabits is another bubble tea in PIK area. I went to PIK with my parents, my sister and my grandma, even I went once but I went to many place, like Ochado and Rati-Rati. So here's Bobabits, beside they sell bubble tea, they also sell snack like takoyaki, chicken wings, and etc. I went to Bobabits in idul fitri holiday and I went there not in lunch and dinner time, so visitor is less than their another daily working hour. From outside, Bobaits is eye catching coz they have catchy neon box and the outside area is so unique.

Bobabits has two area, inside and outside. Even they only use one building, but they really use every little space that they have. In the outside area, they make it to some seated and takoyaki stall,  inside there is less seated than and cashier. The seated is so cute, it looks like card box which is reversed. 

Like I said above, they are not only served bubble tea but also they served many snack and main course. For bubble tea variant, they have milk tea and natural flavor tea. You can choose what tea based you want jasmine or oolong, in hot/ cold/ or slush. Bobabits has many topping such as big boba, small boba, coffee jelly, grass jelly, egg pudding, milk pudding, chocolate pudding, and etc. 

Creme rulee with mini boba Rp. 21,000,-
Honey milk tea with chocolate pudding Rp. 21,000,-
Almond milk tea with grass jelly Rp. 20,000,-

In this visited, we tried their cream brulee milk tea, honey milk tea, and almond milk tea. For almond milk tea and honey milk tea, we choose oolong tea as tea based, then we choose jasmine tea as tea based for creme brulle. My sister picked creme brulee, it taste so-so. but she loves the small boba they have, the chewiness just right. I picked honey milk tea to sharing with my grandma, it is good, but I don't feel that the honey flavor is strong enough in my tongue. I choose chocolate pudding for the topping and the chocolate pudding is so-so, coz I don't feel the chocolate flavor on it. My mom, she is peanut lover, so she choose almond milk tea and she sharing with my dad. She said, the almond is quite tasty, but the grass jelly is not really good. 

Kani Takoyaki Rp.28,000,-

To accompany my bubble tea, we bought some snacks. They have many takoyaki filling, that is octopus, kani, shrimp, cheese and chikuwa. My sister doesn't like octopus even she really loves takoyaki, so she choose kani. The takoyaki is just like another takoyaki in another place, but it is oke to accompany your drink. 

Crispy White Pepper Honey Wing Rp.33,000,-

From all snack, me and my dad are big fans of chicken wings, so we bought crispy white pepper honey wing. I thought the topping will be glossy and melted, then it comes dry chicken wings, but it taste yummy. They use white pepper to seasoning the chicken wings and topped with sesame and sugar, it looks easy to make it, but I love what they served.

In my opinion, if the crowd is like what I visited, I will visited Bobabits with my pleasure, but I heard that Bobabits is really crowded in lunch or dinner time, so maybe I choose another place to hangout. Then in my opinion as this is not for serious meal, but the snack little bit pricey. 

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Ruko crown golf B-2, PIK
Tel : 021 - 912 60337

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