Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Modern Rengginang from Mr Crunchy

Do you know rengginang? In english we usually called them as Glutinous Rice Crispy. Generally, glutinous rice crispy does not get any spice, the served as original as they are, so it will taste natural savoury. Mr Crunchy has innovation to enjoy rice crispy with many modern flavour like beef, cheese, spicy or even sweet rice crispy like chocolate. offer another style of rice crispy. Mr Crunchy founded by Prasetya Mulya Business School student. One of their mission to introduce and popularize traditional food, especially rice crispy.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tester Pack Cookies from Printemps

Surprisingly, I've got Taster Packed Cookies from Printemps - Manufacture of Sweet. Before I've got this Taster Packed, I didn't aware with Printemps - Manufacture of Sweet. It is because Printemps founded in early 2013 in South Jakarta. Actually Printemps is the French word for Spring, the most beautiful season of the year which marks the beginning of bright, warm period and symbolises optimism, happiness, and hope. Inspired by the beauty of Spring, Printemps has been delivering only the highest quality sweet products which are infused with the spirit of Spring. They provide cookies with flower flavour. Flower flavour? Its kinda weird isn't it. So far my culinary journey I had been tried chocolate with rose flavour. How about cookies with rose flavour? That is Printemps

Monday, 1 April 2013

Tester Pack by The Mama Gourmet

Last week, I've got some homecook delivery fresh from The Mom's Gourmet. Maybe some of you never heard about The Mom's Gourmet. Let me tell a story behind yummy food The Mom's Gourment Since 2012, they started catering service which is provide healthy and yummy for from door to door. They have many variants menu in a week, so not like the others catering, you won't get bored with the menu they served. Now they are growing as healthy catering, they also provide chicken floss and another ready spice for busy mom. Here they are


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