Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tester Pack Cookies from Printemps

Surprisingly, I've got Taster Packed Cookies from Printemps - Manufacture of Sweet. Before I've got this Taster Packed, I didn't aware with Printemps - Manufacture of Sweet. It is because Printemps founded in early 2013 in South Jakarta. Actually Printemps is the French word for Spring, the most beautiful season of the year which marks the beginning of bright, warm period and symbolises optimism, happiness, and hope. Inspired by the beauty of Spring, Printemps has been delivering only the highest quality sweet products which are infused with the spirit of Spring. They provide cookies with flower flavour. Flower flavour? Its kinda weird isn't it. So far my culinary journey I had been tried chocolate with rose flavour. How about cookies with rose flavour? That is Printemps

They sent me beautiful package of cookies. I really love the design of Printemps, their logo and their cookies presentation. Even they sent the package, but the feel of spring can still be felt. They sent me many cookies, not only cookies with flower flavour but also they sent me classic cookies.

This is what they sent to me:
1.  Rose Petal Cookies
2. Jasmine Green Tea Cookies
3. Oat and Raisin Cookies
4. Pineapple Jam Cookies
5. Chocolate Chip Cookies
6. Mature Cheese Cookies

Here they looks like:

My favourite cookies are Rose Petal and Jasmine Green Tea. Rose Petal Cookies taste so rose, even it looks like vanilla cookies, but when you bite it, it taste really rose. I feel like eat flower. Then, Jasmine Green Tea taste really good, since I am big fans of green tea, it is not surprising when I love this cookies. Then the other cookies taste great too. If you on diet, maybe Oat and Raisin Cookies will be your preference. Pineapple Jam, Chocolate Chip, and Mature Cheese are nice too. It reminds me of my grandma's cookies which is available only in Chinese new year and Christmas. Out of that even, I won't taste the greatest of home cookies taste like.

So if you are curious what rose cookies, jasmine green tea cookies taste like. Let's order in Printemps

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Printemps - Manufacture of Sweet
Tel : +628 138096 7268

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