Thursday, 21 March 2013

BlackBall : New Dessert in Town


Welcome to new dessert in town, that is BlackBall.  Before they opened their store, so many I  passed by their store and I kinda curious what dessert they will serve. Is it same like the phenomenal and everlasting dessert Honey Moon Dessert or are they look like Hong Tang? I don't know, I don't have any preference. So when I've got any chance after Bakerzin Cooking Class by Groupon me with Aline, Tikka and Mulie went there to try them. Let's seek out what BlackBall has!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Bakerzin Cooking Class with Groupon Disdus and Agnesi

Last saturday, I was invited to Bakerzin Cooking Class with Groupon Disdus and Agnesi. For food blogger like me, I am really happy that I invited to cooking class. Since I am really curious how to make pasta look like high end resto like Bakerzin. But unfortunately in the day when Bakerzin Cooking Class held, I came late so I missed one of the recipe. I came when the cooking demo was over and so I have to cooked with a group of 4 to make delicious pasta. We cooked Penne Minced Chicken with Cheese. Here there are!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Sensodyne Say It with Turkuaz

Last week on sunday, I was invited to Sensodyne Say It in Turkuaz. One of the best Turki restaurant in Jakarta. In this event, Sensodyne socializing about dental pain for us. Some of us doesn't recognize about dental pain, we only eschew from sweet, sour, hot and cold food or drink. But as food blogger, sometimes we have to taste sweet, sour, hot and cold food or drink. It is quite bothering us.

I know sensodyne from my mom, when I had dental pain my mom always recommend me to use sensodyne as my tooth paste. Nowadays, Sensodyne has 8 variant there are repair and protect, total care, gum care, fresh mint, rapid relief, gentle whitening, original flavour, and cool gel. Basicly, sensodyne has same ingredients to relief toothache. So before we know more about toothache, better I share about Turkish food. 


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