Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Bakerzin Cooking Class with Groupon Disdus and Agnesi

Last saturday, I was invited to Bakerzin Cooking Class with Groupon Disdus and Agnesi. For food blogger like me, I am really happy that I invited to cooking class. Since I am really curious how to make pasta look like high end resto like Bakerzin. But unfortunately in the day when Bakerzin Cooking Class held, I came late so I missed one of the recipe. I came when the cooking demo was over and so I have to cooked with a group of 4 to make delicious pasta. We cooked Penne Minced Chicken with Cheese. Here there are!

Penne Minced Chicken with Cheese
Ingredients :
160gr Penne
120gr Minced Chicken
160ml Cream
120ml Chicken Stalk
Olive Oil
Parmesan Cheese
Mozarella Cheese
Salt and Black Pepper

Then we continue to cook the pasta. So we have to heat the pan.

Then put onion to the pan. Stir until fragnant

After that put the minced chicken and stir until cooked


Put the cream, but don't put all the cream to the pan. Because you don't wanna to make penne soup right, so make sure you put enough cream.

Seasoning with salt and black pepper. Put the penne and mix it well.

The last but not least, put the mozarella cheese and turn off the heat. Penne Minched Chicken with Cheese are done, but it is not ready to served.

Put mozarella cheese on top then torch it so the cheese will be melting and penne will little bit burned, but it will taste your buds.

Penne Minched Chicken with Cheese are ready to served. 

After cooked Penne, all the cooking demo participant got Raspberry Pannacotta. In my opinion this pannacotta not set yet. It looks by the pannacotta still like porridge. Eventhough the texture is not really good, but it taste great. I really love combination of sweet and sour of cream and raspberry.

Then, we finished the cooking demo. Bakerzin didn't forget to brought us some Penne Chicken for our lunch with sweet ice tea. It is really good and it makes me wants more and more pasta.

Thank you Bakerzin for invited me for the cooking demo and Groupon disdus. Also Agnesi who brought high quality pasta. I really love it so much. I wish next time Bakerzin could make great event like this again.

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