Monday, 18 March 2013

Sensodyne Say It with Turkuaz

Last week on sunday, I was invited to Sensodyne Say It in Turkuaz. One of the best Turki restaurant in Jakarta. In this event, Sensodyne socializing about dental pain for us. Some of us doesn't recognize about dental pain, we only eschew from sweet, sour, hot and cold food or drink. But as food blogger, sometimes we have to taste sweet, sour, hot and cold food or drink. It is quite bothering us.

I know sensodyne from my mom, when I had dental pain my mom always recommend me to use sensodyne as my tooth paste. Nowadays, Sensodyne has 8 variant there are repair and protect, total care, gum care, fresh mint, rapid relief, gentle whitening, original flavour, and cool gel. Basicly, sensodyne has same ingredients to relief toothache. So before we know more about toothache, better I share about Turkish food. 

I never been try Turkuaz, so this is my first experience had some Turkish food. It start from drink. They offered many variant of ice tea, there are apple tea, mint tea and Turkish tea. I ordered Mint Tea.

Mint Tea has strong flavour of mint. The sense of mint more dominant than the tea itself. But for people who like mint, maybe it will be you favourite drink here.

Then we continue with appetizer, they serve me with Chicken Borek. It looks like samosa, but the ingredients is different with it. 

Chicken Borek

Same like the picture above, they served me with Mushroom Borek. In my opinion, I prefer Mushroom Borek than Chicken Borek. It is because Mushroom Borek more tasty ans spice. 

Mushroom Borek

Then after have two special appetizer, there was Dr. Bambang Nursasongko speaker of talkshow about 'Ngga Takut Gigi Ngilu Lagi'. He told us about 45% of Indonesian people have dental pain when consumption of foods/ drinks cold, hot, sweet or sour. People with sensitive teeth who consider with their condition are not sure do the right things for their teeth or check to the doctor. It is because misperception about dental pain. Some of us thought dental pain will not cause serious impact.

So, before we continue the talkshow too far. Dr Bambang Nursasongko share a glass of cold water to test 'is your teeth have dental pain or not?' 

After tested, I know that I have some teeth which is sensitive with cold water and some of them are not. Maybe because I had plaque. Then after that, we enjoy the main course from Turkuaz

They served us many special dish like kebab, pita bread accompany with humus and 3 kinds of rice and many more. It taste great, I love it. 

After had the main course, we've got two dessert. One is kind of Turkish puding and Turkish ice cream.


Turkish puding taste rare and creamy. In my opinion it needs more sugar on it. It is so creamy and milky, maybe it is because the main ingredient of this dessert consist of milk and cream.

Turkish ice cream taste good. It reminds me of Turkish ice cream that I ever had in Clarke Quay. It is rich milky and sticky. I love it.

For all, thank you for Sensodyne for invited me in 'Sensodyne Say It with Turkuaz' so I know what exactly I have to do if I have dental pain. Of course I have to use Sensodyne because some of my teeth are sensitive with cold, hot, sweet or sour food/drink.

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Turkuaz - Authentic Turkish Kitchen
Jalan Gunawarman No. 32
Jakarta Selatan

Tel : +62 21 7279 5846

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