Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Starbucks Lunch Product

Last wednesday, I invited with Starbucks to Wholesome Food Delicious Conversation. In this time Starbucks is getting ready for launch some lunch product. They held this discussion near my office in Starbucks Pessangrahan. I am so happy finally they make event in my living area. Here's the story

As usual, we have known Starbucks as coffee store, so we start our discussion with coffee tasting. They served us Medium Kenya. It is light coffee and this is one of my favourite coffee bean in Starbucks. Accompany with lemon biscuit, it is nice to accompany the coffee. I love the coffee and the pairing.

Then we start our dinner to taste and to score also give an opinion about the Lunch Product in Starbucks. Actually Starbucks has many lunch menu in their store, but not all store are provide this lunch menu. In this lunch product, they have 5 menus. There are Caesar Salad, Pesto Fussili with Roasted Eggplant and Tomato, Farfalle with Beef Meatball and Sauteed Spinach, Pesto Tomato Mozarella Panini, and  Grilled Chicken Humus Panini.

We started with Caesar Salad. It looks like another Caesar Salad, there is nothing special with this salad. Moreover, I think the vegetable is not really fresh maybe because its refrigirated for could hour, also the dressing is too little, I need more dressing. All the component are right, but I need more improvement. 

Pesto Fussili with Roasted Eggplant and Tomato. It looks little bit dry, but it smelled good. This menu intended for vegetarian. I think the pesto has not really strong enough for me, but the tomato in exact amount. For the roasted eggplant, I think it would be better to change it to be mushroom, according my judgement more people like mushroom than people who like eggplant.

Farfalle with Beef Meatball and Sauteed Spinach. It comes really nice and it smelled good. I am a big fan of creamy pasta and so of many people out there will drooling when saw this yummy dish. Beef Meatball always reminds me of IKEA meatball, so my expectation of any kind of meatball little bit high. This Beef Meatball is nailed it. I like it, it is tender and well marinated. Farfalle comes so good accompany with spinach, it will be healthy as well.

Pesto Tomato Mozarella Panini is pesto in Panini version. It comes little bit sprawl, but the mozarella will kick your taste buds. It taste so great yummy panini, I like it, but the pesto is not really strong I tasted tomato domain the panini. It looks by the picture that show they sliced the tomato quite thick.

Grilled Chicken Humus Panini comes with chili flakes and red pepper powder on top. It makes this panini little bit spicy. Grilled Chicken little bit dry, but they combine with mushroom so you'll get the juicy from the mushroom. They use fresh vegetable so this is another healthy food from Starbucks which you could grab in your rush lunch time. 


For all I am waiting for this lunch menu, I wish I could grab their pasta and panini as soon as possible and I wish they could make many improvement that we discuss. 

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Starbucks Indonesia

Monday, 2 December 2013

Thank you for the cake Hitokuchishoppu

Its December, this month is full of joy and happiness. It is my favourite month of the year, coz I will have a lot of party, gift exchange, christmas tree and more fun will coming in this month. So, I've got an early Christmas present from Nadya Tan the owner of Hitokuchishoppu, she asked me to try their roll cake. We could design our roll cake as like as we want. I choose Christmas pattern bcoz you could have another option to bring as gift exchange. 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Make Your Own Dumpling Ur Episode Urbanesia

Couple weeks ago, I invited with Urbanesia in event 'Make Your Own Dumpling with Paradise Dynasty'. I am really happy I could have a fabulous weekend by have different activies. Urbanesia has event named  Ur Episode. Ur Episode is an event held by Urbanesia, it is not only cooking class, they have many kind of activies in Jakarta. Here's my story about 'Make Your Own Dumpling with Paradise Dynasty'

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Create Wonder Share Joy by Red Cup Starbucks in 2013

Red cups is coming to town. Here again red cups from Starbucks, the joyful thing happen from my favorite coffee shop. I am really excited every time Starbucks has launching their red cups. It is because they always bring wonder and joy in every single thing they served to us. They always have new coffee bean, new coffee latte, new food, new tumblr special christmas and new beverage flavour. Here's what they have in this holiday season 2013.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Food Tasting Hawaiian Food by Hawaiian Bistro

When I go to PIK usually brain recall that the place for enjoying ramen and bubble. We knew there are so many ramen and bubble there. But when I invited to Hawaiian Bistro, I have a question that where it is? PIK? I surprise there is another food category beside ramen and bubble. Hawaiian Food is kinda new thing to me. I never eat Hawaiian Food and I only knew a limited food really taste being Hawaiian. So better than you confused, you could check out what is Hawaiian Bistro is

Monday, 29 July 2013

Rosso : Italian Restaurant in Shangrilla Jakarta

Shangri-La Jakarta has 5 great restaurant,  one of them is Rosso. In Italian,  Rosso means red, so when you step your foot in Rosso, you'll surrounded by red colour in ever single detail they have shown to you. Rosso. Rosso represents passion, warmth and elegance. The restaurant offers sensational yet authentic Italian cuisine, a combination designed to stimulate the well-known Italian passion for vibrant lifestyle and food. Rosso has many section, they have many private room, so if you have to meeting after office hour, Rosso will provide cozy place to enjoy Italian food. Rosso also provide couple of wines also mocktail and cocktail. 


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Authentic Taichan

Taichan Ramen is old ramen resto in Jakarta. I think I knew that about Taichan since I am in elementary school. Actually they are Japanese resto, so they are not only served ramen but also rice box and etc. So, couple weeks ago when I visited Pondok Indah Mall. I went there to take a look Taichan Ramen. I am quite rare went to Pondok Indah Mall, so I choose Taichan as my place to eat dinner. So here's what we had as dinner.  

Saturday, 20 July 2013


Tsurukamedou is new hip place in Taman Ratu. They served yummy ramen, which is succesfully make me curious what make them really special. Then two weeks ago, me with my sister and Joan also her boyfriend went there not in meal time. There are no people come, when I came there, but not longer after that so many people come to taste their ramen. What makes them really special? Here what I found.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Marugame Udon

Marugame Udon is new udon resto in Jakarta. I know I am little bit late visited them, but it is better late then never right. Marugame maybe is the first japanesse resto which is specialize in udon. As I know maybe ramen is more popular than udon. But it doesn't make Marugame Udon not popular. So many people kinda curious about Marugame Udon and in the lunch time Marugame Udon has long queue. Marugame Udon served so many style of udon, if I know udon only served with soy sauce soup, but in Marugame Udon you could find many style of udon soup.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Ramadhan Hamper by Oatmeal Cookies

On the first day of July, Oatmeal Cookies launch their scrumptious healthy cookies is made by warm hand of Oatmeal Cookies. It made by mom. Actually oatmeal cookies is my family cookies heritage, sometime when we are travelling or we are stuck in the middle of traffic jam, we usually hungry and to safe our tummy from hungry we eat some snack that we bought from you-named-it bakery which is usually sell yummy cookies, but we just realize we cannot eat unhealthy cookies. We have to consider our health. Then we got an idea to make oatmeal cookies. 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Pier 16 : Seafood Resto in Pantai Indah Kapuk

Pier16 is newbie resto located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, new food district in North Jakarta. I invited to their food tasting with many fellow blogger. Before I invited to Pier 16, I already knew there is Pier 16 who served seafood. I am seafood lover and I really happy that there is seafood resto invited me of new way enjoying seafood. 

Pier 16 have cute way of enjoy seafood, not like high-end seafood resto or not like hawker seafood resto. They served in their way to enjoy seafood. They served seafood in western way, even we also see they served Indonesian way to served seafood.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Nannys Pavillion Barn in Flavour Blis

Nannys Pavillion is not a new place for me. It is my favorite place to enjoy pancake, pasta, and anything which is always yummy and drooling my eyes with their lovely and cute ambiance they are served to me. I always love the way the named their menu. It looks like they wanna served Nannys heritage food to the others. Then I love they also have different theme in every store they have, so you won't get boring with their interior while you visit Nannys.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hometown Traditional Cuisine with a Little Twist by Thai Alley

I had to survey to meet my customer in Gandari 8 Office Tower. Then after meet them, I was hungry and I was looking for unusual lunch with my office mate, Andrea. I recomend her about Fook Yew, but both of us already tried them and kinda curious with new Thai resto in front of them. So we walked out to Thai Alley and check out Thai Alley menu and we were agree to taste them. 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Jamur Kriuk Eyang

Jamur Kriuk Eyang

Who doesn't like crispy mushroom. I am a big fan of them and it is my favourite snack when I watched tv or when I have my family time. Then I've got sampler from Jamur Kriuk Eyang. Jamur Kriuk Eyang is one of the best Mushroom seller that I knew. They make so many Crispy Mushroom dipping and edition. It make enjoy Crispy Mushroom with Jamur Kriuk Eyang will be different. In this time, they sent me Custom Your Own Crunchiness. You could check the choose the crunch level by choose what how to make it being ur favourite snack.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Lasagna Lasagne

Lasagna Lasagne Large Rp. 85.000,-

Beside I am food blogger, I also love baking. But I only could bake limited item. Luciky lasagna is one of dish that I could bake. I usually make lasagna to eat by my self or given to my friends. Since I am working in Banking Institution, I don't have any more spare time to make lasagna. So, couple weeks ago, I've got scrumptious lasagna from Lasagna Lasagne. First time, I thought it will be some kind of basic lasagna I usually taste. But this is so different. Lasagna Lasagne is one of the best lasagna I like. I really love it so much. It feels like my mom's lasagna for me. Kinda love it in the first sight.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Italian Fair Week by Scusa

Couple weeks ago, I was invited to Italian Fair Week by Scusa. If you are follow my blog, you knew that I had been invited in their White Asparagus Affair in May. Then in June they once again invite us to taste their Italian Food. In June, Italy also celebrate their Independence day, so Scusa presented a selection of exclusive set menu from the well know region of Italy to satiate the appetite. In Italy, there are 3 regions which is Sicily, Tuscany and Veneziea, each region feature on the set menu along with favourite menu options for the ultimate dining experience in Scusa.  

Friday, 17 May 2013

Pink Series for Mothers Day by Calais

To celebrate mother's day in May, Calais present Pink Series a series of bubble tea consists of 4 variants. There are Strawberry Milk Tea, Watermelon Milk Tea, Strawberry Blush Smoothies and Sourberry Smoothies. All that series has pink colour, as representation of women. Ingredients of pink series are strawberry and watermelon. Pink Series only available until the end of july, so it is very limited time to join Pink Series.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Djournal Coffee

Djournal Coffee is new coffee shop in town. Just open some coffee shop in this year, doesn't mean that Djournal Coffee doesn't have any experience to served great coffee. They have a unique ways to served coffee. If you are coffee lover, might be you will be understand there are many filters use to make great after taste coffee and aroma. But as I am not really into coffee, but at least I drink coffee once a week, I really happy that I have anymore choice to enjoy my time with a cup of tea.

Djournal Coffee is one of store under Ismaya Group. Ismaya Group is one of the biggest group in Food and Beverage in Indonesia. They build their own brand and create value of their brand. It is because Djournal Coffee under Ismaya Group, they have nice ambient and nice place to hang out, also they make you curious what they have in Djournal Coffee, it makes you have a reason to visit them.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Contemporary French Dessert : Garcon Bistro Bar Patisserie

After tired had window shopping in Senayan City and we crossed to Plaza Senayan, we thought we need to took time to had another chit chat and to straighten our leg muscle by sat in Garcon. My friend Octa said Garcon is famous with their dessert, so I kinda curious that what is Garcon speciality look like. When I walked in, they served so many yummy dessert til I have to finger licking because they have so many pretty and cute dessert to tried. 

Monday, 13 May 2013

White European Asparagus Affair by Scusa - Intercontinental Jakarta

In the middle of April til June, it is asparagus season especially white asparagus. We are Indonesian people known white asparagus is only the one which is available in can. Actually, white asparagus is available in fresh condition like the others vegetable. To celebrate asparagus season, InterContinental Jakarta served this special season in delight palate for lunch or dinner in Scusa and Bacchus. 

As we know Scusa is one of the best western restaurant in Jakarta, especially in this special season Chef Gary Palm as Excecutive Chef and Chef Wawan Barito as Chef De Cuisine of Sucesa created special menu using white asparagus ingredients, such as creamy white asparagus soup with parmigiano reggiano fritters, white asparagus risotto with pramesan and truffle scented, beef tenderloin with melted gorgonzola, grilled white asparagus, creamy baked potatoes and tarragon bearnaise sauce. 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Hong Tang

I'm kind of person who sometimes eat food start from appetiser, main course and dessert. Maybe I could skip the appetiser but I don't think so I could skip dessert because I am sweet tooth. Since I have sugar craving more than savoury craving, long time I heard yummy Taiwanese dessert called Sweet Poetry from Anak Jajan. But unfortunately I don't really familiar with Muara Karang area, until Sweet Poetry change their brand name become Hong Tang and open their store in PIK, so couple of weeks ago I went there. Before I went to Hong Tang, I don't have any idea what is Taiwanese dessert look like, til I come there and taste it, I really love it so much.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Pan Ya

How doesn't like cake and bread? I have one of my favourite bakery called Pan Ya. Comes from Okoyama, Japan. They served natural and healthy bread. Beside that they also have  unique, yummy and special than other bakery. So let me share to you, why I love them.Since so many bakery in Jakarta, they are compete with the others, trying to show how good they are served bread and cake. They want to take our attention by their food display, so it looks really tempting. But Pan Ya comes with traditional with Japanese style of bread. They successfully make me back again and again to their store. 

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Modern Rengginang from Mr Crunchy

Do you know rengginang? In english we usually called them as Glutinous Rice Crispy. Generally, glutinous rice crispy does not get any spice, the served as original as they are, so it will taste natural savoury. Mr Crunchy has innovation to enjoy rice crispy with many modern flavour like beef, cheese, spicy or even sweet rice crispy like chocolate. offer another style of rice crispy. Mr Crunchy founded by Prasetya Mulya Business School student. One of their mission to introduce and popularize traditional food, especially rice crispy.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tester Pack Cookies from Printemps

Surprisingly, I've got Taster Packed Cookies from Printemps - Manufacture of Sweet. Before I've got this Taster Packed, I didn't aware with Printemps - Manufacture of Sweet. It is because Printemps founded in early 2013 in South Jakarta. Actually Printemps is the French word for Spring, the most beautiful season of the year which marks the beginning of bright, warm period and symbolises optimism, happiness, and hope. Inspired by the beauty of Spring, Printemps has been delivering only the highest quality sweet products which are infused with the spirit of Spring. They provide cookies with flower flavour. Flower flavour? Its kinda weird isn't it. So far my culinary journey I had been tried chocolate with rose flavour. How about cookies with rose flavour? That is Printemps

Monday, 1 April 2013

Tester Pack by The Mama Gourmet

Last week, I've got some homecook delivery fresh from The Mom's Gourmet. Maybe some of you never heard about The Mom's Gourmet. Let me tell a story behind yummy food The Mom's Gourment Since 2012, they started catering service which is provide healthy and yummy for from door to door. They have many variants menu in a week, so not like the others catering, you won't get bored with the menu they served. Now they are growing as healthy catering, they also provide chicken floss and another ready spice for busy mom. Here they are

Thursday, 21 March 2013

BlackBall : New Dessert in Town


Welcome to new dessert in town, that is BlackBall.  Before they opened their store, so many I  passed by their store and I kinda curious what dessert they will serve. Is it same like the phenomenal and everlasting dessert Honey Moon Dessert or are they look like Hong Tang? I don't know, I don't have any preference. So when I've got any chance after Bakerzin Cooking Class by Groupon me with Aline, Tikka and Mulie went there to try them. Let's seek out what BlackBall has!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Bakerzin Cooking Class with Groupon Disdus and Agnesi

Last saturday, I was invited to Bakerzin Cooking Class with Groupon Disdus and Agnesi. For food blogger like me, I am really happy that I invited to cooking class. Since I am really curious how to make pasta look like high end resto like Bakerzin. But unfortunately in the day when Bakerzin Cooking Class held, I came late so I missed one of the recipe. I came when the cooking demo was over and so I have to cooked with a group of 4 to make delicious pasta. We cooked Penne Minced Chicken with Cheese. Here there are!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Sensodyne Say It with Turkuaz

Last week on sunday, I was invited to Sensodyne Say It in Turkuaz. One of the best Turki restaurant in Jakarta. In this event, Sensodyne socializing about dental pain for us. Some of us doesn't recognize about dental pain, we only eschew from sweet, sour, hot and cold food or drink. But as food blogger, sometimes we have to taste sweet, sour, hot and cold food or drink. It is quite bothering us.

I know sensodyne from my mom, when I had dental pain my mom always recommend me to use sensodyne as my tooth paste. Nowadays, Sensodyne has 8 variant there are repair and protect, total care, gum care, fresh mint, rapid relief, gentle whitening, original flavour, and cool gel. Basicly, sensodyne has same ingredients to relief toothache. So before we know more about toothache, better I share about Turkish food. 


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