Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Pier 16 : Seafood Resto in Pantai Indah Kapuk

Pier16 is newbie resto located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, new food district in North Jakarta. I invited to their food tasting with many fellow blogger. Before I invited to Pier 16, I already knew there is Pier 16 who served seafood. I am seafood lover and I really happy that there is seafood resto invited me of new way enjoying seafood. 

Pier 16 have cute way of enjoy seafood, not like high-end seafood resto or not like hawker seafood resto. They served in their way to enjoy seafood. They served seafood in western way, even we also see they served Indonesian way to served seafood.


In this invitation, they served me many kind of side dish and yummy seafood. They served us Fried Calamari, Fried Dory as appetizer. Fried Calamari comes with white dipping sauce with lemon and mayo mix. But in my opinion, fried calamari over cooked so it is not chewy enough to bite. Fried Dori comes really great and yummy.

Fried Calamari Rp. 25,000,-
Fried Dori Rp. 32,000,-
Shrimp Rp. 55,000,-
As main course, we served with shrimp. In Pier16, we could pick what seasoning that we want. They have Lemon Pepper, Queen Marry Chili Sauce, The Whole She Bang. They picked us Lemon Pepper for shrimp. It comes really match with shrimp, it is sour and salty as well. It is really great. Then they also served us Crab with Angel Hair Crab. They picked us Queen Marry Chili Sauce. It taste really yummy, the seasoning taste sweet and sour. I love the angel hair served with crab, but I don't think the angel hair served al dente.

Sweet Potato Fries & Fried Cut Fries Rp. 25,000,- (each) ; Angel Hair Crab Rp. 130,000,-

Then we continue with lobster and crawfish. Lobster and crawfish served with She Bang seasoning. It taste really good. If you picked She Bang seasoning, you could pick spicy level that you want. There are Mild, Medium and XXX. So if you don't really like spicy, I think you better choose mild level of spiciness.

Lobster with She Bang Seasoning, Price follow market price

Even lobster and crawfish served with the same seasoning, but in my opinion, I prefer she bang seasoning. It is marinate well more than lobster. Maybe it is because crawfish shell is thinner than lobster.

Crawfish with She Bang Seasoning Rp. 85,000,-
For all, I really enjoy my dish in Pier16. It makes my dining experience will be different, so you might not be boring with seafood resto which is usually serve rare seafood menu without any innovation at all.

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Pier16 PIK
Ruko Emerald A No. 16 
Tel : (021) 2903 1763

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