Monday, 15 July 2013

Nannys Pavillion Barn in Flavour Blis

Nannys Pavillion is not a new place for me. It is my favorite place to enjoy pancake, pasta, and anything which is always yummy and drooling my eyes with their lovely and cute ambiance they are served to me. I always love the way the named their menu. It looks like they wanna served Nannys heritage food to the others. Then I love they also have different theme in every store they have, so you won't get boring with their interior while you visit Nannys.

Couple weeks ago, I invited to Nannys Pavillion, I really excited that I invited to my favourite place. They invited me to Nannys Pavillion Barn. It is one of Nannys store that I am not visit yet. I heard that so many people said Nannys Barn is kinda cute with 2 level store. Also this is one of Nannys store who is not located in mall. So you will get new experience of having you favourite meal in Nannys with extra lovely outdoor space.

As dish drink, they served us general drink. They asked me to order whether tea or coffee. We could order with cold or hot. Ice tea or coffee will be great in the sunny day. But when you come there in the cloudy day, maybe hot tea or coffee will warm you tummy.

Then we served so many yummy food from appetizer until dessert. Nannys served Ceicile's de Le Thon served as appetizer.

Ceicillia de Le Thon Rp. 35,000,-

Ceicillia de Le Thon is brunch menu in Nanny's Pavillion. It comes with pancake rolls with tuna and mayo inside top with sunny side egg. It is really tasty and light. It is really great while you too late having your breakfast but you still wanna have energetic brunch.

Beef Fondue Rp. 119.000,-

Then we continue with Beef Fondue. It is menu when christmas season. It comes again in this season. So it comes with beef chopped served with baby potato and vegetable also 3 dipping sauce. There are mushroom, blackpepper and cheese. It is really yummy, I love they served with vegetable, it is really healthy and the dipping sauce are great. My favorite is mushroom sauce.

Leal's Pineapple Upside Down Pancake Rp. 39,000,-

As dessert we served by Leal's Pineapple Upside Down Pancake. It looks different with the other pancake that Nannys usually served. It is because this pancake is thicker than the other pancake. As the named mention in the middle of pancake, they put big pineapple on it, served with vanilla ice cream. It taste sour and sweet. So great and yummy. Love it so much.

For all, I wanna say thank you to Nanny's Pavillion to invited me to lovely and yummy brunch. Keep going with yummy and lovely menu and stay old, sweet and cute.

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Nanny's Pavillion Barn
Flavour Bliss 2 Kav. 6 Unit B, Alam Sutera, Tangerang

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