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Italian Fair Week by Scusa

Couple weeks ago, I was invited to Italian Fair Week by Scusa. If you are follow my blog, you knew that I had been invited in their White Asparagus Affair in May. Then in June they once again invite us to taste their Italian Food. In June, Italy also celebrate their Independence day, so Scusa presented a selection of exclusive set menu from the well know region of Italy to satiate the appetite. In Italy, there are 3 regions which is Sicily, Tuscany and Veneziea, each region feature on the set menu along with favourite menu options for the ultimate dining experience in Scusa.  

As the started, I ordered some drink. There are mocktail and cocktail. I ordered Bloody Marry as cocktail and Fruit Punch as mocktail. As I'm not a big fans of cocktail, so I prefer fruit punch more than bloody marry. Bloody Marry comes little bit spicy as there is ginger on it and fruit punch comes really fresh, moreover you enjoy your dish in Scusa after work. It is really refreshing your mind.

Bloody Mary - Fruit Punch

In Italian Week Affair, they served us from appetizer until dessert. First dish that you have not miss is the bread special from Scusa. Then we continue our dish with appetizer. They served us Scampi Giganti Salad and Insalata Vegetariana.

Insalata Vegetariana

Insalata Vegetariana comes with rocket leaves, olives, cherry tomatoes, anchovies, green bean and lemon dressing. It comes really cute  with fried parmesan as based, the vegetable stack on it. It comes really yummy and fresh. I like it moreover they served with rocket leaves my favorite vegetable.

Scampi Giganti Salad

Scampi Giganti Salad comes with orange, red onion, meslun, and an Italian herb dressing. As dressing they use olive oil, orange, thyme and rosemary. It smell really good and fresh. I like it the scampi with well cook and match with the italian dressing.
 Before we continue our dish to main course, we've got zuppa. Zuppa comes with Zuppa Polpetta.

Zuppa Polpetta
Zuppa Polpetta is Sicilian meatball with cabbage. They use tenderloin or fat wagyu for the meatball so its chewy enough and tender inside. It is so lovely. As soup they use vegetable soup mix with cabbage and other ingredients. Then to accompany zuppa, they served with bread made by black olive, pesto and parmesan. So lovely and warming our tummy.

Then we continue our dish to main course. They served two main course, there are Beef Involtini and Scottato Branzino. Both of them make me really tempting, but I choose Beef Involtini as my main dish and the others is my friend's dish.

Beef Involtini

Beef Involtini comes with pumpkin tortellini, stuffed eggplant and porcini sauce. Involtini it means bread crumbs and sultana. Porcini sauce is mushroom sauce. Beef Involtini comes tender and yummy. Especially ravioli which stuffed with eggplant. It is succesfully make me love pumpkin, because usually I am pumpkin haters, but they make me love it. 

Scottato Branzino

Scottato Branzino is seared sea bass with stuffed calamari, caponata of vegetables and anchovy dressing. This is outstanding dish of the night, because I love the sea bass really much, it is soft and tender texture especially anchovy dressing really make me love this dish. Served with calamari stuffed, it is really great moreover there are prawn on it. 

Before we had dessert. We break down our night with a glass of hot tea and hot coffee. I love the coffee which is quite strong and they also have many tea choices for tea lover.

Hot Tea - Cappucino

They served us two traditional dessert from Sicily. There are Sicilian Cassata and Pistachio Tart. It is signature dessert from Italy.

Pistachio Tart - Sicilian Cassata

Sicilian Cassata is Neapolitan ice cream with candied fruit and nuts. They use raspberry sponge cake with mix fruit, ricotta and chocochip. It is really good. Then Pistachio Tart comes with mix nut tart. They use pistachio, almond and ricotta cheese. The tart is crunchy and served with chocolate custard. 

For all, Italian Fair Week is really great. So many surprise and fresh ingredients served in Italian Fair Week. I wish we are looking forward for another luscious food from Scusa

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