Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Food Tasting Hawaiian Food by Hawaiian Bistro

When I go to PIK usually brain recall that the place for enjoying ramen and bubble. We knew there are so many ramen and bubble there. But when I invited to Hawaiian Bistro, I have a question that where it is? PIK? I surprise there is another food category beside ramen and bubble. Hawaiian Food is kinda new thing to me. I never eat Hawaiian Food and I only knew a limited food really taste being Hawaiian. So better than you confused, you could check out what is Hawaiian Bistro is

Hawaiian Bistro is Hawaiian Resto located in PIK Food District. They are little bit far from the crowd point in PIK, but it doesn't make them lovely. They are really serious to make an experience enjoy Hawaiian Food by decorate big wall of aloha in the step you enter them then wood color and beach theme is become their main interior. It feels like I am in Hawai when I visit them.

They have two floor. The first floor has big wall with aloha girl and the second floor, they decorate with interior to be feel like in Hawaiian.


As drink I ordered Hot Chocolate Banana. It taste really good. The banana flavour really strong also the chocolate really warmth your tummy. 

Banana Chocolate
I started my Hawaiian dish with Hawaian appetizer. There are Spam Musubi, Lolo Shrimp Wrap.
Spam Musubi Rp. 22.000,-
Lolo Shrimp Wrap Rp. 38.000,-
Spam Musubi look like sushi. It consist of rice, seaweed and pork ham. It is one of favourite appetizer in Hawaiian Bistro. Lolo Shrimp Wrap served with mayonise. It is crunchy and yummy.


Loco Moco Rp. 65.000,-
Loco Moco is signature dish in Hawaiian Bistro. It is signature dish of Hawaiian Food. So you don't have to miss this if you come to Hawaiian Bistro. It comes beef patty served with gravy sauce with sunny side egg on top. It is so yummy. 

Bistro Bento Rp. 72.000,-
Bistro bento comes with 4 kinds of fried dory, ham, beef and BBQ Fried Chicken. Fried Dory served with pineapple sauce, it is so fresh also sweet and yummy really match with dory then ham and beef so tender and juicy also the BBQ fried chicken so crunchy and delish.

BBQ Mix Rp. 69.000,-

BBQ Mix is combination between 3 kinds of meat. There are beef, pork and chicken. Every meat are really great because it is marinated well, so it is so BBQ if you love BBQ, you'll love this dish.

Then we end our food tasting with sweet dessert from Hawaiian. They have several kind of dessert.

Tempura Ice Cream Premium Matcha Rp. 33.000,-
Tempura Ice Cream Premium Matcha is hot and cold dessert. It is great combination for sunny day. You could enjoy dish with coconut milk served on it. It taste so unique.

Hawaian Bistro Coffee Jelly Ice Cream Rp. 25.000,-
Hawaian Bistro Coffee Jelly Ice Cream comes not really cute, but when you taste it you could falling in love with this dessert. Coffee jelly texture really soft and mix with kahlua make the coffee jelly taste stronger. To eat coffee jelly ice cream you have to mix when between coffee jelly, kahlua and ice cream. It taste so great. 

North Shore Shave Ice With Ice Cream Rp. 23.000,-
North Shore Shave Ice Cream looks like es serut the traditional dessert. But it taste so unique when the combine it with syrup and the put ice cream on it. If you like red bean, you could ask them to put ice cream and red been below the shaved ice.

For all, Hawaiian Bistro will be your next destination when you kinda boring with ramen or bubble in PIK area. Also Hawaiian Bistro has so many-many choices for you also the place is really comfy, it suite for you to enjoy time with friends and family

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Hawaiian Bistro
Rukan Garden House A 25 PIK
Tel : (021) 290 33185

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