Saturday, 13 July 2013

Jamur Kriuk Eyang

Jamur Kriuk Eyang

Who doesn't like crispy mushroom. I am a big fan of them and it is my favourite snack when I watched tv or when I have my family time. Then I've got sampler from Jamur Kriuk Eyang. Jamur Kriuk Eyang is one of the best Mushroom seller that I knew. They make so many Crispy Mushroom dipping and edition. It make enjoy Crispy Mushroom with Jamur Kriuk Eyang will be different. In this time, they sent me Custom Your Own Crunchiness. You could check the choose the crunch level by choose what how to make it being ur favourite snack.

For the my own way, I choose crunch level like the original way like they sent it to me. I don't warm it in oven or oil because they already yummy and I love the crunchy level. Beside become snack, Jamur Kriuk Eyang is great to be another dish while you enjoy your lunch or dinner. Don't forget to have a warm rice and chili sauce also another dipping to accompany Jamur Kriuk Eyang. Enjoy it!

If you mouth watering by read my blog above. Don't take any time to order them by call, twit and don't forget to pay for your order.

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Jamur Kriuk Eyang

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