Friday, 12 July 2013

Lasagna Lasagne

Lasagna Lasagne Large Rp. 85.000,-

Beside I am food blogger, I also love baking. But I only could bake limited item. Luciky lasagna is one of dish that I could bake. I usually make lasagna to eat by my self or given to my friends. Since I am working in Banking Institution, I don't have any more spare time to make lasagna. So, couple weeks ago, I've got scrumptious lasagna from Lasagna Lasagne. First time, I thought it will be some kind of basic lasagna I usually taste. But this is so different. Lasagna Lasagne is one of the best lasagna I like. I really love it so much. It feels like my mom's lasagna for me. Kinda love it in the first sight.

Lasagna Lasagne made by pasta layer of lasagna stack with red sauce and white sauce. Red sauce made by grounded beef or pork mix with tomato sauce. It is so yummy. I love the grounded beef it is so tasty and tomato sauce quite strong. White sauce is not really dominant the lasagna, but its complete the lasagna with the creamy tasty from it.

Lasagna Lasagne available in several size. The large one like the picture above and the personal size. In my opinion, Lasagna Lasagne quite affordable as they are really tasty. It paid for by the yummy lasagna Lasagna Lasagne served.

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Lasagna Lasagne
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