Thursday, 18 July 2013

Ramadhan Hamper by Oatmeal Cookies

On the first day of July, Oatmeal Cookies launch their scrumptious healthy cookies is made by warm hand of Oatmeal Cookies. It made by mom. Actually oatmeal cookies is my family cookies heritage, sometime when we are travelling or we are stuck in the middle of traffic jam, we usually hungry and to safe our tummy from hungry we eat some snack that we bought from you-named-it bakery which is usually sell yummy cookies, but we just realize we cannot eat unhealthy cookies. We have to consider our health. Then we got an idea to make oatmeal cookies. 

Oatmeal Cookies made from oatmeal and palm sugar, so it will be safe from your health. It taste not really sweet, so might be the diabetic people could enjoy it without worry about their health and sweet level from Oatmeal Cookies. We have 4 flavour, you could look by the topping on cookies. There are Almond, Chocolate, Raisin, and Date. We also have 4 size, there are small, medium, large and extra large.

In fasting season, we would celebrate Idul Fitri, then we've have special Hamper or Parcel for bring sweetness and joy while you visiting your family in your hometomn or just wanna bring some sweetness to celebrate Idul Fitri. Oatmeal Cookies has 3 kinds of hamper. There are Premium, Parcel Eco 1 and Parcel Eco 2.  

Parcel Eco -1 Rp. 250,000,-
Parcel Eco- 1 consists of 3 Large of Oatmeal Cookies, you could pick what is the best flavour that you want to put in your Ramadhan Hamper.

Parcel Eco - 2 Rp. 250,000,-

Parcel Eco - 2 consists of extra large cookies. Extra Large is the biggest size of Oatmeal Cookies, you could pick 2 of your favourite flavour you want to put in Ramadhan Hamper.

Parcel Premium Rp. 350,000,-

Premium is the cutest Ramadhan Hamper ever. It is because we have cute design of Hamper then it consists of 4 Medium Size of Oatmeal Cookies, so you could taste every flavour that we have

If you are interest with Ramadhan Hamper made by Oatmeal Cookies, you could ordered by call, bbm or twitter.

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