Saturday, 20 July 2013


Tsurukamedou is new hip place in Taman Ratu. They served yummy ramen, which is succesfully make me curious what make them really special. Then two weeks ago, me with my sister and Joan also her boyfriend went there not in meal time. There are no people come, when I came there, but not longer after that so many people come to taste their ramen. What makes them really special? Here what I found.

Tsurukamedou has lovely warm interior, dominated with light brown color of wood. It makes this japanesse resto show their true identity from Japan.

Tsurukamedou is authentic ramen from Japan. The owner is standby there to control their quality of soup and the chewy level of ramen before it served in our table. They only limited menu, but it makes us easier to pick which ramen that we want to have. 

As side dish we ordered Tori Karage. Actually they have spicy and regular Tori Karage. But my sister is not spicy lover, so I ordered regular Tori Karage. It comes really great, so chewy and yummy combine with their tori karage special sauce, it makes this Tori Karage so yummy.
Tori Karage Rp. 32,000,-

As ramen, we ordered the same ramen. It is because their ramen menu speciality is Tonkutsu Ramen. It use pork and served with half tamago. It smell really good. The soup is really thick, not like the other ramen they are more light. Then the texture of their soup is oil and liquid ramen. As my style of ramen, I really love to eat more soup, so I think I prefer the light soup then the heavy and thick one like Tsurukamedou served. But, even the soup is really thick, I don't nausea after eat them. Also the pork, they served is thick also. So, I think I don't prefer with their soup, but I love the pork thickness.

Tonkotsu Ramen Rp. 45,000,-

For all, I enjoy ramen well in Tsurukamedou, but I don't think it will be my number one ramen pop up in my mind. So stay thick and yummy soup. Maybe if I am in the mood of thick soup so I could come to Tsurukamedou.

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Tsurukamedou Jakarta
Jl. Ratu Kemuning Raya Blok.A2 No.8A
Taman Ratu – Greenville
Jakarta Barat
Tel: (021) 56940711 / 12

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