Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Starbucks Lunch Product

Last wednesday, I invited with Starbucks to Wholesome Food Delicious Conversation. In this time Starbucks is getting ready for launch some lunch product. They held this discussion near my office in Starbucks Pessangrahan. I am so happy finally they make event in my living area. Here's the story

As usual, we have known Starbucks as coffee store, so we start our discussion with coffee tasting. They served us Medium Kenya. It is light coffee and this is one of my favourite coffee bean in Starbucks. Accompany with lemon biscuit, it is nice to accompany the coffee. I love the coffee and the pairing.

Then we start our dinner to taste and to score also give an opinion about the Lunch Product in Starbucks. Actually Starbucks has many lunch menu in their store, but not all store are provide this lunch menu. In this lunch product, they have 5 menus. There are Caesar Salad, Pesto Fussili with Roasted Eggplant and Tomato, Farfalle with Beef Meatball and Sauteed Spinach, Pesto Tomato Mozarella Panini, and  Grilled Chicken Humus Panini.

We started with Caesar Salad. It looks like another Caesar Salad, there is nothing special with this salad. Moreover, I think the vegetable is not really fresh maybe because its refrigirated for could hour, also the dressing is too little, I need more dressing. All the component are right, but I need more improvement. 

Pesto Fussili with Roasted Eggplant and Tomato. It looks little bit dry, but it smelled good. This menu intended for vegetarian. I think the pesto has not really strong enough for me, but the tomato in exact amount. For the roasted eggplant, I think it would be better to change it to be mushroom, according my judgement more people like mushroom than people who like eggplant.

Farfalle with Beef Meatball and Sauteed Spinach. It comes really nice and it smelled good. I am a big fan of creamy pasta and so of many people out there will drooling when saw this yummy dish. Beef Meatball always reminds me of IKEA meatball, so my expectation of any kind of meatball little bit high. This Beef Meatball is nailed it. I like it, it is tender and well marinated. Farfalle comes so good accompany with spinach, it will be healthy as well.

Pesto Tomato Mozarella Panini is pesto in Panini version. It comes little bit sprawl, but the mozarella will kick your taste buds. It taste so great yummy panini, I like it, but the pesto is not really strong I tasted tomato domain the panini. It looks by the picture that show they sliced the tomato quite thick.

Grilled Chicken Humus Panini comes with chili flakes and red pepper powder on top. It makes this panini little bit spicy. Grilled Chicken little bit dry, but they combine with mushroom so you'll get the juicy from the mushroom. They use fresh vegetable so this is another healthy food from Starbucks which you could grab in your rush lunch time. 


For all I am waiting for this lunch menu, I wish I could grab their pasta and panini as soon as possible and I wish they could make many improvement that we discuss. 

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Starbucks Indonesia

Monday, 2 December 2013

Thank you for the cake Hitokuchishoppu

Its December, this month is full of joy and happiness. It is my favourite month of the year, coz I will have a lot of party, gift exchange, christmas tree and more fun will coming in this month. So, I've got an early Christmas present from Nadya Tan the owner of Hitokuchishoppu, she asked me to try their roll cake. We could design our roll cake as like as we want. I choose Christmas pattern bcoz you could have another option to bring as gift exchange. 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Make Your Own Dumpling Ur Episode Urbanesia

Couple weeks ago, I invited with Urbanesia in event 'Make Your Own Dumpling with Paradise Dynasty'. I am really happy I could have a fabulous weekend by have different activies. Urbanesia has event named  Ur Episode. Ur Episode is an event held by Urbanesia, it is not only cooking class, they have many kind of activies in Jakarta. Here's my story about 'Make Your Own Dumpling with Paradise Dynasty'

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Create Wonder Share Joy by Red Cup Starbucks in 2013

Red cups is coming to town. Here again red cups from Starbucks, the joyful thing happen from my favorite coffee shop. I am really excited every time Starbucks has launching their red cups. It is because they always bring wonder and joy in every single thing they served to us. They always have new coffee bean, new coffee latte, new food, new tumblr special christmas and new beverage flavour. Here's what they have in this holiday season 2013.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Food Tasting Hawaiian Food by Hawaiian Bistro

When I go to PIK usually brain recall that the place for enjoying ramen and bubble. We knew there are so many ramen and bubble there. But when I invited to Hawaiian Bistro, I have a question that where it is? PIK? I surprise there is another food category beside ramen and bubble. Hawaiian Food is kinda new thing to me. I never eat Hawaiian Food and I only knew a limited food really taste being Hawaiian. So better than you confused, you could check out what is Hawaiian Bistro is

Monday, 29 July 2013

Rosso : Italian Restaurant in Shangrilla Jakarta

Shangri-La Jakarta has 5 great restaurant,  one of them is Rosso. In Italian,  Rosso means red, so when you step your foot in Rosso, you'll surrounded by red colour in ever single detail they have shown to you. Rosso. Rosso represents passion, warmth and elegance. The restaurant offers sensational yet authentic Italian cuisine, a combination designed to stimulate the well-known Italian passion for vibrant lifestyle and food. Rosso has many section, they have many private room, so if you have to meeting after office hour, Rosso will provide cozy place to enjoy Italian food. Rosso also provide couple of wines also mocktail and cocktail. 



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