Monday, 25 November 2013

Make Your Own Dumpling Ur Episode Urbanesia

Couple weeks ago, I invited with Urbanesia in event 'Make Your Own Dumpling with Paradise Dynasty'. I am really happy I could have a fabulous weekend by have different activies. Urbanesia has event named  Ur Episode. Ur Episode is an event held by Urbanesia, it is not only cooking class, they have many kind of activies in Jakarta. Here's my story about 'Make Your Own Dumpling with Paradise Dynasty'

In this cooking class. We have two recipes to make. There are vegetable bun and xiao long bao. We are mentoring with one of Paradise Dynasty chef, that is Chef Wang. We are cooking in team. Every team get the equipment, bun and vegetable filling. In this cooking class, we are not make vegetable bun from raw ingredients, but they make it simple. 

This is what we need. It is vegetable filling and bun. We don't learn how to make bun and the vegetable filling, but we learn the hardest thing of make vegetable bun, that is gather the bun into the edge. 

Then the second recipe is xiao long bao. Actually vegetable bun and chicken xiao long bao have the same technique, but how to make xiao long bao is harder than vegetable bun. Check the recipe below. 

The equipment and ingredients to make xiao long bao is quite the same with vegetable bun. Paradise dynasty has 8 signature xiao long bao with different filling. They have chicken (white), foie gras (brown), black truffle (black), crab (orange), ginseng (green), cheese (yellow), garlic (grey), szechuan (pink) 

For all, this cooking class held by Urbanesia in Ur Episode are really amazing. After we tired learn about how to make two incredible recipes, we had lunch and we tried lamian which one of another scrumptious menu in Paradise Dynasty.

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