Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Create Wonder Share Joy by Red Cup Starbucks in 2013

Red cups is coming to town. Here again red cups from Starbucks, the joyful thing happen from my favorite coffee shop. I am really excited every time Starbucks has launching their red cups. It is because they always bring wonder and joy in every single thing they served to us. They always have new coffee bean, new coffee latte, new food, new tumblr special christmas and new beverage flavour. Here's what they have in this holiday season 2013.


As new coffee bean to celebrate holiday season, Starbucks has 3 kinds of blend espresso roast. There are Espresso Roast, Christmas Blend, Holiday Roast. Usually to accompany blend espresso it should be enhance with the coffee taste, the taste preference maybe different but it should goes well. Espresso roast will be great if it is pairing with Cinnamon Chocolate Marble Cake

As holiday espresso beverages, Starbucks has new latte comers Gingerbread latte. Of course red cups all time favourite Toffee Nut Latte and Peppermint Mocha are ready to served for you. Gingerbread latte will bring back you to your favourite ginger bread cookies with perfectly roasted espresso and steamed milk. It comes classic with whipped cream and grounded nutmeg.

To accompany the beverages, Starbucks has several yummy food, it is so enhance with the coffee itself. There are 6 items that suits with Starbucks beverages. 

Mandarin Orange Bar inspired by Starbucks Christmas blend espresso roast. Sweet vanilla cake mix with poppy seeds, orange candy, topped with mandarin orange segment and crumble

Holiday Almond Garland Bread inspired by garland as the must have christmas decoration. Moist spice bread with marzipan filling topped with dry fruits, almond and glazed with apricot.

Cinnamon Chocolate Marble Cake freshly baked marble chocolate cake, topped with fragrant cinnamon sugar. 

Chocolate Stripes Mouse with Orange Confit moist cake layered with chocolate mousse and folded with orange confit. It is a complimentary flavor with Starbucks Christmas Blend.

Smoked Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich. Holiday means turkey time. Inspired by turkey, they bring smoked turkey combine with cranberry mayonnaise, cheddar cheese and served with focaccia bread.

Red Velvet Cookies Jar inspired by red color as christmas main color beside green. Crunchy Red Velvet Cookies combine with chocolate chip. It is a perfect pairing with Caffe Americano

Starbucks tumbler always surprise me with cute design they have. In this 2013 holiday season, Starbucks has another tumbler concept with blink and shine.

Also Starbucks launching new Starbucks card really suitable for Christmas present or cross present, so what are you waiting for. Just go to nearest Starbucks outlet and grab their coffee and food.

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