Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bapau 555 Muara Karang

Do you ever heard Bapau 555. I never heard that, but last week when I culinary trip to Pluit and Muara Karang so I visit this tiny Bapau 555. From outside it is looks like a tradional bapau, who made from elderly and the owner is chineese so, it will be delicious.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hakata Ikkousha Muara Karang

Hakata Ikkousha is a hype ramen resto in Jakarta. To eat there, you have to patient to be seated. It is so crowd, but luckily when I got there, I only wait arround 10 minuates. The famous Hakara Ikkousha is franchise from Japan, beside they open their store in Jakarta, they have many store in Singapore. So many people said, Hakata Ikkhousha is really delicious, you have to tried. It made me intersting so last week. I came there to ate the famous ramen in Jakarta.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Union Brasserie Bakery and Bar Plaza Senayan

Union is the hip place in Jakarta. It is show how we have to queue or reserved before we want eat and hangout there. Union is one of the most favourite place in Jakarta. Since their famous red velvet cake which is really nice. Union is taking place in strategic place which is Plaza Senayan. The visitor is not only the teenage but also the 30 something mom or dad. I think this no one want to miss this place to hangout.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Dunkin Donut Plaza Semanggi

Dunkin Donuts is one of donuts cafe in Indonesia. Since long time ago, i know Dunkin Donuts, but I am not fans of dunkin donuts. Evem I am not fans of dunkin donuts, They survived in Indonesia since 1990s. Beside that, Dunkin Donuts have so many kinds of donuts and I think is not bad if you wanna hangut there. My campus is beside dunkin donuts Plaza Semangi, so I came there so many times. Also Dunkin Donuts has a realiable wifi, so if you need to do your task or group discusion which needs an internet, maybe Dunkin Donuts be the place for you.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

SamWon Express Puri Indah Mall

SamWon House is newly open in Food Court Puri Indah Mall. SanWon House is the first korean meal I ever taste. So I am so excited about the korean food taste. For the first visit, I ordered  Beoseot Bibimbap. It looks like fried rice mix with meat and vegetable. Also I think the bibimbap looks like paper lunch, but taste different. I mix the bibimbap with the red sauce and a little bit of soup, it taste good. I really want to taste another korean food. For the kimchi is so fresh and not spicy, also the soup taste bold of tauco

Monday, 20 February 2012

Churreria Summarecon Serpong 2

Churreria is one of my favorit dessert place in Jakarta. They served a churros. The first churro I know in Jakarta is Club Store (Now Grand Lucky). They sell traditional churro in the corner foodcourt in the way out in the supermarket. They served churros with sugar and cinnamon. It looks like simpel snack to takeaway before you go home from supermarket.

Eat and Eat Summarecon Mall Serpong 2

Eat and eat is one of food court place in Jakarta. But eat and eat has a different style to enjoy your food. They bring us to the time machine, when your grandparents go eat in the food stall. They make us eat with  an old style market experience. Not like the other food court, in eat and eat you have to deposit some of your money in the card and you can buy your food and beverages with that card. After you finish eating in eat and eat you can refund your money back or you want the card as merchandise, so you can bring them.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tenten Plaza Indonesia

Tenten is one of boga makmur group resto which is on japanesse resto industry, so don't ever worry the taste of Tenten. In early february, I went there with my friend Munthe, having lunch and enjoying tempura.

Tenten tempura is quite different with the others, because they have 3 sauce which are blackpaper, spicy and original. The blackpaper not too spicy like black pepper ussual, but that is good for people who doesn't like spicy, and the spicy will be always spicy as ussual, and the original it means there is no sauce. You can also make your own tempura, it is so interesting.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Holycow Radio Dalam

Holycow is one of low price steak place in Jakarta. They opened their first outlet in Jl Radio Dalam No. 15. It is beside the Alfa Midi in Radio Dalam Street. Holycow being a hip steak place in Jakarta. Rumours says that to eat in Holycow it will be more effort than the other steak place because you will queue for long time before you eat there. But there is another story in my last Sunday, I ate with my fam, and there is no queue, they served really quick.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hachi Hachi Bistro

Hachi Hachi Bistro is one of sushi fushion resto in Indonesia. Hachi Hachi first outlet is in Surabaya, but lately they opened new resto in Jakarta. Since Hachi Hachi Bistro is a fushion sushi resto, they don't have a speciality with tradional sushi like salmon sushi, etc. But all their fushion sushi a awesomely good.

Dante Central Park Jakarta

Jakarta has a lot of coffee shop. Dante is one of my favourite coffee shop. They serve a really good coffee jelly and so many kinds of ice cream. I love their ambient, and their menu of course.

Michel's Patisserie Jakarta

Michel's Patisserie is new comer in Indonesia. But their first store in Ausi was opened in 2006. My friends who was studied in Ausi said their strawberry short cake is really good. So last week, we visited Michel's outlet in Indonesia.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012



Sarsaparila Cap Badak

Do you ever hear about Saparella? The coca cola traditionaly made in Indonesia. Saparella is better than coca cola, I think the soda level is lower than Coca Cola and the important things, saparella doesn't make me sorethroat after drink it. The other saparella made in Indonesia, is Sarsaparila Cap Badak, but it is hard to find Sarsaparila Cap Badak.

I bought this Saparella in Ranch Market PX, I don't know if Saparella is available in another store, because I only bought in Ranch Market PX. For Saparila Cap Badak, maybe you can find in old style resto like rumah makan eddy in Pesangrahan or in Sagoo Kitchen

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Ninety Nine Pesanggrahan

Today is valentine days, and I celebrate it with my friends, having dinner in Ninety Nine. Yesterday was my birthday so today, I celebrate valentine plus my birthday. This is my first visit in Ninety Nine. Ninety Nine become hip resto in Jakarta, since their first resto in Grand Indonesia, they opened the second resto in Pesanggrahan. Ninety Nine served western food. 

Dapur Coklat Alam Sutera Serpong

Since it's february month full of love. So me and mom, check out our favorite chocolate outlet which is Dapur Cokelat. Dapur Cokelat is one of chocolate outlet in Jakarta, and they always serve unique concept and a lovely chocolate combination as a gift or if you just want eat by yourself. 

Monday, 13 February 2012

Marutama Ramen Puri Indah Mall

Marutama Ramen one of ramen resto in Jakarta. Marutama Ramen has a several outlet in Jakarta. This is my first visit to Marutama Ramen, first I doubt this ramen is not so good, but after I tried, I knew this Ramen is delicious. Marutama Ramen is different with the other ramen resto, they served a thin ramen not like ussually other resto compete to served a chewy ramen, but Marutama Ramen is not resto like this. Marutama served a thin Ramen with a nice soup. One portion ramen contain 110 gram of ramen, it is big enough for my stomatch.

Birthday Cake

Since today my birthday, so many people love me and sent me a lot of yummy cakes. I've got 1 cake, 2 cupcakes (one in my last post) and 1 sushi cake, so lovely didn't they?

 Cake from my Mom

 Cake from Desca 

 Cake from Sushi Tei

Thank you for love me people. I love you too :*



Birthday Post - Launching Post

Today is my birthday, so I think today is good day for launching my food blog. This year I am 21 years old, not too young but not too old
Here it is my birthday cupcakes 
My Birthday Cupcake

And Here a birthday noodle 

Home Made Noodle


Let's start blogging

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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pre-Launch Post

Hai everyone, this is my first post for this blog. This is the pre launch post, before I am going to launch this blog at february 13, 2012. 
Welcome to foodies world. I'm so happy finally I can blogger again and become a food blogger. I wish I could maintain this food blogger well so ohmygoodfood always update. Enjoy my food blog and don't forget to leave comment and follow me on facebook and twitter.


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