Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Dunkin Donut Plaza Semanggi

Dunkin Donuts is one of donuts cafe in Indonesia. Since long time ago, i know Dunkin Donuts, but I am not fans of dunkin donuts. Evem I am not fans of dunkin donuts, They survived in Indonesia since 1990s. Beside that, Dunkin Donuts have so many kinds of donuts and I think is not bad if you wanna hangut there. My campus is beside dunkin donuts Plaza Semangi, so I came there so many times. Also Dunkin Donuts has a realiable wifi, so if you need to do your task or group discusion which needs an internet, maybe Dunkin Donuts be the place for you.

For the ambience, Dunkin Donuts has a great ambience, they has tv and music to accompany your visit. The crowd is so so, not many people but not too less. They has a smoking area too, so for smoker you can hangout in Dunkin Donuts beside you distract non smoking people. The waiter serve me well. I am satisfaid with their service.

Premium Beverage 3 Rp.25,000,-

For this visit, I ordered premium beverages 3. I got 1 donuts (I choose white chocolate caramel) and 1 ice thai tea. For the donuts what I ordered was not the best donuts they have, but I like the texture and the heavy way Dunkin Donuts serve. The heavy things make you full for snack time. I like the thai ice tea, is bold thai ice tea I knew, and it is worth to try the ice tea.

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Dunkin Donuts
Plaza Semanggi GF 
Jl Jendral Sudirman Jakarta Pusat

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