Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Ninety Nine Pesanggrahan

Today is valentine days, and I celebrate it with my friends, having dinner in Ninety Nine. Yesterday was my birthday so today, I celebrate valentine plus my birthday. This is my first visit in Ninety Nine. Ninety Nine become hip resto in Jakarta, since their first resto in Grand Indonesia, they opened the second resto in Pesanggrahan. Ninety Nine served western food. 

Since today is valentine day, the crowd, the traffic is increasing, it is make me worry not to get table in Ninety Nine, so yesterday I called them and I reserved table for 3 in 7 pm, but the traffic is so bad today, so I came in Ninety Nine at 8.15 pm, I am lately, don't blame me about this thing, blame all the bad traffic. So, I suggest you if you come to hip resto, better you resserved one day before to make you visit experience better.

In this visit, We ordered Aglio Olio with shrimp and it is so good. Since the aglio olio in another place so plain and the color so boring, I think Ninety Nine Aglio Olio is delicious. Then I ordered Hawaian Pizza, the pinenaple really make this pizza yummy. I like this pizza dan the crust really thin. Then my friends ordered Dory Fillet, for me the Dory Fillet is so so, nothing special. For dessert we ordered Raspberry Red Velvet, the texture not soft and there is no taste of creme cheese, I think they don't presentated with creme cheese, but since they served with raspberry juice this red velvet is less food coloring

Hawaian Pizza Rp.86,000,-

Aglio Olio with Shrimp Rp.90,000,-

Dory Fillet Rp.86,000,-

Raspberry Red Velvet Cake Rp.34,000,-

For drink I orderd peach iced tea, it is so so, the peach is not really bold, beside they put peach inside my tea, and for people who like sweet, I think they would asked more syrup. My friend ordered pink lycee ice tea, it is the same like my peach iced tea and the other ordered Camomile Tea.

For me, the service in NInety Nine quite good even they have a lot of visitor and the kitchen so much busy, they try to served us good. For the reservation I'm really thank god that they wait for us because we are a little more late from the time I reserved. I like the NInety Nine ambience, and the food. For price, ya the food quality present the food price, but I am okay because the food is really nice. I am going back with my fam next time. 

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Ninety Nine Pessangrahan
Jl. Pesanggrahan no. 2 Jakarta Barat
Phone : 021-5835 5163/ 021-5830 4797

Operating Hour: 10.00-22.00


  1. What do you mean by less food coloring? They certainly don't use raspberry juice to color the cake! Acidic juices are very unstable for food coloring, so they probably use the typical red food coloring made out of coal. Yes, coal. Delicious!

  2. I was like.... Oh I was there too.. at ninety nine- on val's day '12
    but then you were actually at Ninety-nine Pesanggrahan.

    I was a bit dissappointed with the menu, it was, pork steak-for my bf ( which was too salty) and dory steak-for me (which was so so), and the dessert was too sweet. oh my!
    no second visit on both ninety-nine, i guess.

    this is such nice blog anyway :)

    1. Oh I see, maybe because the crowd and queue so the dish is not really great. But for my dish, it was great. Since it was my first visit to ninety nine, kinda revisit soon



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