Thursday, 16 February 2012

Michel's Patisserie Jakarta

Michel's Patisserie is new comer in Indonesia. But their first store in Ausi was opened in 2006. My friends who was studied in Ausi said their strawberry short cake is really good. So last week, we visited Michel's outlet in Indonesia.

Since Michel's Pattiserie just open, they give you 30% off their patiseerie. The waiteer is really nice, and they recommend me to bought an orange muffin and fruit tartelet. All their food is taste good. The orange muffin really fresh and the sweet level is ok. The frit tartlet so damn good, the pastry is really crunchy and the cream on the tartlet is sooo good. You have to try Michel's asap. Go grab this sweetness before the discount disappear

Orange Muffin Rp.16,000,-

Fruit Tartlet Rp.10,000,-

I've got 2 stample from Michel's. Buy 7 you'll get one free coffee

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Michel's Patisserie
Central Park Mall, LG Floor
Telp: 021-2920 0199


  1. The coffee also awesome just try it guys....

    1. @Adrian14: ok, I'll try for the next visit

  2. Just tried the orange muffin. It was dry and tough, very difficult to swallow. Maybe it's been sitting too long on the counter that it's dried out. Also tried the spinach quiche, the quiche skin is thick, tough and dry. The quiche filling itself is horribly salty and dry. Didn't try anything else, as I was too disappointed already.

    1. @Quas: I am so regret about your experience in Michel. When I came there, there is owner of Michel, maybe now the owner not check Michel regularly so the quality maybe decrease



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