Friday, 24 February 2012

Union Brasserie Bakery and Bar Plaza Senayan

Union is the hip place in Jakarta. It is show how we have to queue or reserved before we want eat and hangout there. Union is one of the most favourite place in Jakarta. Since their famous red velvet cake which is really nice. Union is taking place in strategic place which is Plaza Senayan. The visitor is not only the teenage but also the 30 something mom or dad. I think this no one want to miss this place to hangout.

The speciality of union is of course their red velvet cake. Which is really juicy and yummy. I really want to go back there asap, and want to taste a yummiest red velvet I ever tasted. Macaroon is good too, the taste is good and the texture is nice, the crunchy is enough for macaroon. Beside they served cakery, they also served appetiser, pasta, and etc. Even Union visitor is more than their capacity, but so many people willing to wait for seating. Union is really crowded even when I visited not in lunch time. The ambiance is not really good, since they are not separated smoking and non-smoking area. It is so distracting for people who is not smoking. The crowd is really crowded. 

Red Velvet Cake Rp.50,000,-

Macaroon Rp.12,000,- each

Pandan Cake Rp.40,000,-

Scallop Aglio Olio Rp.70,000,-

For this visit, me and my friends ordered many cake. I ordered the red velvet. My friend tya ordered pandan cake. Also I ordered aglio olio. For drink, I ordered fresh watermelon, Vina ordered iced chocolate, and Tya ordered fresh strawberry. For the red velvet cake, I really like it, the teksture is nice, it is juice inside and I like a caramalize nut on the top cake and inside the cream cheese. The cream cheese is really good too. For my aglio olio, I don't think is good. Their aglio olio need more salt and pepper, because I don't taste any seasoning. I like the macaroon, it is better than so many bakery in Jakarta.

For the drink, the fresh juice is nice but when you combo with red velvet cake is too sweet. I suggested if you want to eat red velvet cake better you combo your drink with lemon juice (fresh lemon juice) or tea. It is better. For Vina's ice chocolate, they served ice chocolate separate with syrup, so it is bitter but you can mix it with the syrup. 

For the price, for me it is pricey bit, because the other restaurant like ninety nine, served better aglio olio than Union, but the price is same. Then for the cake, for me one slice cake is enough pricey but the taste is make you addicted. They charge 10% service and 21% tax.

Since Union queue enough long, I think that is marketing strategy to make people interesting and curious what they served, so I think Union succeed.

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Union Brasserie, Bakery and Bar
Plaza Senayan Courtyard, Ground Floor
Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8. Jakarta
Tlp : 021 - 5790 5861/62

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