Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tenten Plaza Indonesia

Tenten is one of boga makmur group resto which is on japanesse resto industry, so don't ever worry the taste of Tenten. In early february, I went there with my friend Munthe, having lunch and enjoying tempura.

Tenten tempura is quite different with the others, because they have 3 sauce which are blackpaper, spicy and original. The blackpaper not too spicy like black pepper ussual, but that is good for people who doesn't like spicy, and the spicy will be always spicy as ussual, and the original it means there is no sauce. You can also make your own tempura, it is so interesting.

What I like with Tenten, the waitress served me quick even they still have a long waiting list and all tabble are full. They remmember what I and Munthe ordered. I ordered Tempura Set with Blackpepper and Muthe ordered Spicy Tendon. The blackpepper sauce really delicious and Munthe said everything was delish here. For the dessert I like it the parrafit, but it a little bit hard to mix all the inggridients, since the glass was too tall. But in my opinion, I like tenten and I would come back here again asap. 

In this my food tasting, I paid with disdus coupon, but that is not include of beverages, so I ordered hot ocha (Rp. 10,000,-) and it is free flow and Munthe order Tropical Breeze (Rp. 18,000,-. So the total I have to payment is less than 50k. For the service tenten will charge you 5,5% and tax 10% like usual.

Set Tempura with Blackpepper Fish Katsu

Spicy Tendon Tempura with Tropical Breeze

Chocolate Vanila Parfait  

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Tenten Plaza Indonesia
Level Basement, Unit 16-17
Jl MH Thamrin no. 1, Jakarta Pusat
T. 021-29923730
F. 021-29923731


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