Tuesday, 21 February 2012

SamWon Express Puri Indah Mall

SamWon House is newly open in Food Court Puri Indah Mall. SanWon House is the first korean meal I ever taste. So I am so excited about the korean food taste. For the first visit, I ordered  Beoseot Bibimbap. It looks like fried rice mix with meat and vegetable. Also I think the bibimbap looks like paper lunch, but taste different. I mix the bibimbap with the red sauce and a little bit of soup, it taste good. I really want to taste another korean food. For the kimchi is so fresh and not spicy, also the soup taste bold of tauco

I think I like the SamWon taste it is taste good, and makes me want to have another visit also I think I want to try the real SamWon House not the express one in Puri Indah Mall

Beoseot Bibimbap Rp.35,000,- + Cold Ocha Rp.5,000,-

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SamWon House Express
Food Court Puri Indah Mall Lantai 2
Puri Kembangan - Jakarta Barat 11610
Tlp: 021- 5822 995

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