Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Dapur Coklat Alam Sutera Serpong

Since it's february month full of love. So me and mom, check out our favorite chocolate outlet which is Dapur Cokelat. Dapur Cokelat is one of chocolate outlet in Jakarta, and they always serve unique concept and a lovely chocolate combination as a gift or if you just want eat by yourself. 

In last sunday, me and mom bought some chocolate, they are so damn cute and I don't think I wanna eat that chocolate coz they are cute. But my big tummy always win, so I eat that cuties. 

Here what we bought: 

Chocolate Stick Rp. 20,000,-

Heart Cookies Rp.15,000,-
Love Choscuit Rp. 35,000,-

Why I love dapur cokelat, because not only their concept are unique, they serve a plain melted chocolate become a cute one but also they make a good combination gift which the price affordable. Dapur Cokelat taste really good, will make you love chocolate more and more. Dapur Cokelat also serve a verry good hot chocolate / cold chocolate which you can order and the chocolate taste are really bold. No other place serve chocolate drink like Dapur Cokelat

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Dapur Coklat
Ruko Town Center 10B No 6
Alam Sutera - Serpong
021-2921 1488

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