Monday, 20 February 2012

Churreria Summarecon Serpong 2

Churreria is one of my favorit dessert place in Jakarta. They served a churros. The first churro I know in Jakarta is Club Store (Now Grand Lucky). They sell traditional churro in the corner foodcourt in the way out in the supermarket. They served churros with sugar and cinnamon. It looks like simpel snack to takeaway before you go home from supermarket.

Churreria bring the different style churros. They served with dipping and if you like your churros mixing with dipping, so you can try churros fiesta. For dipping they have 4 dipping dark chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel and white chocolate. For beverages, they served chocolate or coffee and etc. The first churreria outlet they opened in Grand Indonesia then Central Park and the last one Summarecon Mall Serpong

The ambient when I was visited there. It is so good, but only me the visitor. But it doesn't mean they have a bad ambient, the ambient in Churreria Serpong is nice and relaxing. They have many sofa. There is no crowd in there.

The dipping I like in Churreria is caramel and milk chocolate, but for white chocolate and dark chocolate it is delicious too, it is up to you to choose, every dip is great. For beverages I like a mineral water. Since the churros is sweet, so I need to neutralise with mineral water. But if you really like sweet you can try the chocolate or coffee. For the churreria fiesta, I like the oreo, one.

 Churros 6 pieces, 2 dipping Rp.48,000,-

 Caramello-llo Rp.34,000,-

Oreo Galletas Rp.34,000,-

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Churreria Spanish Chocolateria
Summarecon Mall Serpong 2 Lantai 2
Tlp: 021-2931 0650

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