Monday, 13 February 2012

Marutama Ramen Puri Indah Mall

Marutama Ramen one of ramen resto in Jakarta. Marutama Ramen has a several outlet in Jakarta. This is my first visit to Marutama Ramen, first I doubt this ramen is not so good, but after I tried, I knew this Ramen is delicious. Marutama Ramen is different with the other ramen resto, they served a thin ramen not like ussually other resto compete to served a chewy ramen, but Marutama Ramen is not resto like this. Marutama served a thin Ramen with a nice soup. One portion ramen contain 110 gram of ramen, it is big enough for my stomatch.

Even my first in Marutama Ramen, I think it will be my Japanesse ramen resto option in my list. Because, I like their thin ramen, and the ambience really nice for relaxing, also I like them because there is no queue. For the price for student pocket, maybe is little bit too high, but the price is equally the quality and taste. They charge PPn 10% and service 7%. But for me, I'll paid the service with pleasure as long as they served me good.

Karashi Ramen Rp.52,000,-

Tori Karage Rp.28,000,-

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Marutama Ra-Men
Puri Indah Mall
Jl Puri Agung Puri Indah
Kembangan, Jkt Barat
Ph : 021-582 3193 Fax: 021-582 3195


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