Friday, 17 February 2012

Holycow Radio Dalam

Holycow is one of low price steak place in Jakarta. They opened their first outlet in Jl Radio Dalam No. 15. It is beside the Alfa Midi in Radio Dalam Street. Holycow being a hip steak place in Jakarta. Rumours says that to eat in Holycow it will be more effort than the other steak place because you will queue for long time before you eat there. But there is another story in my last Sunday, I ate with my fam, and there is no queue, they served really quick.

Holycow only serve red meat (beef) so if you like steak but you cannot eat or you don't like red meet, I recommend you not to coming here. There is only little option in Holycow which are prime steak from Australian beef or wagyu beef. For the sauce they have black pepper, mushroom and BBQ. The beverage doesn't have any much choice but Holycow will give you free flow if you order lemon tea, blackcurrant tea, ice tea, or etc. To complete the steak Holycow also served with green veg and potato. You can choose friend fries or massed potato. 

For Holycom in Radio Dalam, they are having renovation, so I am not recommend to coming in Radio Dalam outlet, and I suggest you to coming to Senopati outlet for more comfortable seat during eat. But beside they having renovation, they still serving well and the food quality is well. 

Wagyu Short Ribs Rp.90,000,-

Ausi Tenderloin Rp.63,000,-

What I like in Holycow, the steak spice is really delicious, the sauce are nice and delicious, and they serve the massed potato is quite nice and the green veg are really good. All the food presentation is more than good. For the place, since they had long queue, Holycow is a place to eat a goodfood for hangout I suggest you to find another place. The price for high quality steak is quite cheap. The service is also quick

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Steak Hotel by Holycow
Jl Radio Dalam No. 15
05.00 pm - Sold Out


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