Monday, 20 February 2012

Eat and Eat Summarecon Mall Serpong 2

Eat and eat is one of food court place in Jakarta. But eat and eat has a different style to enjoy your food. They bring us to the time machine, when your grandparents go eat in the food stall. They make us eat with  an old style market experience. Not like the other food court, in eat and eat you have to deposit some of your money in the card and you can buy your food and beverages with that card. After you finish eating in eat and eat you can refund your money back or you want the card as merchandise, so you can bring them.

This is my first time, I ate in Eat and Eat Summarecon Mall Serpong 2. As I know, the first eat and eat is in Mall Kelapa Gading 5. Then eat and eat open in several mall like Gandaria City and Summarecon Mall Serpong 2. Every eat and eat has different food stall. So if you are interest with eat and eat you can visit one by one eat and eat.

The ambience in Eat and Eat really spoil my eye, so from the interior it makes me want to stay longer in eat and eat and enjoy the ambience there, it is so comfy and relaxing also old style. Then the crowd, when I visited there, it is less crowd, maybe because it was weekday. 

Kwetiauw Bangan Rp.29,000,-

Mie Wonton Rp.29,000,-

The food in Eat and Eat Summarecon Serpong 2, there is so many chineese food but they served also traditional food. For this visit I tried Mie Wonton and my friend tried Kwetiauw Bangan. For me the Mie Wonton presentation really make me think the noodle is so delicious, but the taste is not same like my expectation, the noodle is so so not make me want to try the noodle again, but it was nice. The taste is not to salty, or too seasoning. For the Kwetiauw Bangan, I think is same like the Mie Wonton, it is not too salty or too seasoning. It just rare, but Kwetiauw Bangan little bit spicy.

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Eat and Eat Summarecon Mall Serpong 2
Summarecon Mall Serpong Lantai 2

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