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Rosso : Italian Restaurant in Shangrilla Jakarta

Shangri-La Jakarta has 5 great restaurant,  one of them is Rosso. In Italian,  Rosso means red, so when you step your foot in Rosso, you'll surrounded by red colour in ever single detail they have shown to you. Rosso. Rosso represents passion, warmth and elegance. The restaurant offers sensational yet authentic Italian cuisine, a combination designed to stimulate the well-known Italian passion for vibrant lifestyle and food. Rosso has many section, they have many private room, so if you have to meeting after office hour, Rosso will provide cozy place to enjoy Italian food. Rosso also provide couple of wines also mocktail and cocktail. 


As drink, we could choose between mocktail and cocktail. This is our drink while enjoy Italian Food. There are Italian Hipnotique as cocktail, The Tropical and You and Me as mocktail. Italian Hipnotique is Midori Liqueur, Passion Fruit, Fresh Lime and Sparkling Wine. The Tropical and You and Me have exactly same ingredients. There are Fresh Banana, Orange Juice and Grenadine Syrup, but The Tropical use honey to subtite the grenadine syrup.

You and Me as mocktail Rp. 80.000,-
Italian Hipnotique Rp. 180.000,-
The Tropical Rp. 80.000,-

When you eat in Italian Restaurant, you'll get cheese stick compliment to wait your food in the table. So do Rosso has the same tradition like another Italian Resto, so we've got cheese stick, served dip with their special olive oil. 

We started our dish with appetizer. We've got many appetizer. The first appetizer that we served Crudo of Beef Tenderloin. It is thin slice of Beef Tenderloin served with arugula, mushroom, and parmesan cheese. It taste really fresh and yummy moreover I am big fan of arugula.

Crudo of Beef Tenderloin Rp. 180.000,-

Then we continue our dish to warmth our tummy with Porcini Mushroom Cappucino. Why it called cappucino not soup. It is because it reminds us when we have cappucino, it will be always foam on it, so like cappucino, Porcini Mushroom Cappucino has the same element like cappucino. This Porcini Mushroom Cappucino taste great and warmth my tummy. It served with truffled oil so it smell really good.

Porcini Mushroom Cappucino Rp. 110.000,-

While we enjoy our appetizer, we had such a great pizza accrobatic. We could look how our pizza made by Rosso Chef. He throw pizza dough to the air and it makes me amazing how he could do it.


Rosso has several type of pizza. There are classic pizza, bianche and rosse. We taste one of every type pizza.

Picante Rp. 180.000,-

We start with Picante. Picante comes with spicy salami, italian sausage, tomato sauce, chili flakes, onion, peppers and mozzarella. It is suite for people who meat lover. It is so yummy and crunchy pizza. I love the salami and italian sausage taste so good.

Mascarpone Pizza Rp. 180.000

Mascarpone Pizza is Rosse pizza type. Mascarpone Pizza comes with chili, grill eggplant, gorgonzola cheese, mascarpone, pesto, basil, pecorino cheese, ham and cheese.

Estiva Rp. 170.000,-

Estiva looks so fresh and really tempting. It is because Estiva Pizza comes with big prawn and arugula on top. Estiva comes with corn, tomato, arugula, and shaved parmesan cheese. It taste so yummy.

Then we continue our dish with pasta. Rosso made all their pasta, so it will be different if you enjoy pasta in western restaurant who served pasta but they used instant pasta. So I kinda surprise Rosso really have great pasta ever.

We start our pasta carnival with Risotto. Rosso has two Risotto, there are mushroom rissotto and lobster risotto. I am not big fan of risotto, but let's try how it taste.

Mushroom Risotto Rp. 110.000,-

Mushroom Risotto comes with cream colour. It taste thick and you could find mushroom chop on it. 

Lobster Risotto Rp. 250.000,-

Lobster Risotto comes with zuchinni, cheery tomato, fresh hebrs, basil and extra virgin oil so it makes lobster risotto looks so bright. It looks yummier than mushroom risotto also it taste more bold and stronger than mushroom risotto.

Then we continue with tonnarelli, gnocchi, raveoli and canneloni. My favorite pasta are angel hair and raveoli. But I really rare taste raveoli. I kind excited to try raveoli from Rosso and I never tried gnocchi, so this is my first time try it.

Black Ink Tonnarelli Aglio Olio e Peperoncino Rp. 140.000,-

Black Ink Tonnarelli Aglio Olio e Peperoncino comes with black ink pasta served with clams, basil, cherry confit. Pasta cooked well and it comes little bit moist, not like another aglio olio which full of olive oil. This one is really good aglio olio. 

Potato and Ricotta Gnocchi Rp. 180.000,-

Potato and Ricotta Gnocchi. It comes with bright orange colour, really kick my taste bud. It served with prawn and use cognac sauce. Even it was my first time tried gnocchi, but it will be my next favourite pasta after angel hair. I love the texture which is really chewy

Canneloni Rp. 150.000,-
Canneloni comes with three different topping. There are ricotta, spinach and cheese fondue. Served with creamy sauce it make them thick and milky. 

Trilogy of Ravioli, Tortelli and Cappelletti Rp. 160.000,-

Trilogy of Ravioli, Tortelli and Cappelletti comes really pretty with 3 different colour. This pasta reminds me of xiao long pao which is could be served in different filling and different taste. This pasta really amazing, every each colour present different filling. There several filling meat, cheese, vegetable, warm mozarella and tomato compote.

Chocolate Sweet Pizza Rp. 268.000,-
There is always room for dessert. So, don't miss this sweet pizza called chocolate pizza. It comes with banan, chocolate, raspberry, whipped cream. It taste really good, sweet, yummy also crunchy. I love this dessert so much.

For all, I had a really great time enjoy Italian Food in Rosso. I have more experience while enjoy great food. Thank you for invited me to Rosso, see you for the next food tasting from Shangri-La Hotel

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Rosso Restaurant
Lobby Level

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