Friday, 17 May 2013

Pink Series for Mothers Day by Calais

To celebrate mother's day in May, Calais present Pink Series a series of bubble tea consists of 4 variants. There are Strawberry Milk Tea, Watermelon Milk Tea, Strawberry Blush Smoothies and Sourberry Smoothies. All that series has pink colour, as representation of women. Ingredients of pink series are strawberry and watermelon. Pink Series only available until the end of july, so it is very limited time to join Pink Series.

Pink Series has 4 series of bubble tea. But if I could picked as my favorite bubble tea from pink series, it will be Strawberry Blush Smoothies. It is really good when you enjoy it in the sunny day. It is fresh and cold. My favorite topping to accompany pink series might be great if they are matching each other. Pink boba or strawberry popping boba will be nice as pink series topping.

Strawberry Milk Tea, Watermelon Milk Tea, Strawberry Blush Smoothies and Sourberry Smoothies

To accompany our bubble tea, Calais also served some snack, which is really great while you enjoy your bubble tea with your friends or college. They have calamari, popcorn chicken and fried fries. Even though it looks same from outside, but Calais's snack has different taste. The different of Calais snack is on the dipping sauce they have. They have mayonaise and peanut dipping.

Calamari and Popcorn Chicken

Calamari taste so great and crunchy also the popcorn chicken is not only consists of flour, there is real chicken on there. Moreover when you dip calamari or popcorn chicken it tasty and yummy

Fried Fries

Fried Fries looks same from outside but when you eat them, it taste different. It is because the flavouring the fries before they fried. Of course if you dip into the dipping sauce they have it will more tasty and yummy.

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