Monday, 6 May 2013

Hong Tang

I'm kind of person who sometimes eat food start from appetiser, main course and dessert. Maybe I could skip the appetiser but I don't think so I could skip dessert because I am sweet tooth. Since I have sugar craving more than savoury craving, long time I heard yummy Taiwanese dessert called Sweet Poetry from Anak Jajan. But unfortunately I don't really familiar with Muara Karang area, until Sweet Poetry change their brand name become Hong Tang and open their store in PIK, so couple of weeks ago I went there. Before I went to Hong Tang, I don't have any idea what is Taiwanese dessert look like, til I come there and taste it, I really love it so much.

Hong Tang is typically Taiwanese dessert. They served more than 100 kinds of dessert served in hot or cold. You could choose your based, they have q ball, grass jelly, soya, mix pudding, taiwan tou hua, red bean soup, zimi soup, and many more. 

Here's what I tried when I visited them.

Grass Jelly with Ice Cream, Pearl and Q Ball Rp. 30,000,-

This my favorite dessert everytime I went here I try to find what is another dessert who make me tempting, but again and again I fall back again with this one. I picked grass jelly based with q ball + pearl + ice cream. If you don't like matcha ice cream, you could choose vanilla ice cream, but if you are matcha lover like me, you may like their yummy matcha ice cream. Their matcha ice cream has nice texture and the bitterness level is good too. Moreover when you mix with milk, it could be nice combination at all.

Mixed Pudding with Pearl and Grass Jelly Rp. 30,000,-

This is mixed pudding. All in this plate are only pudding with many flavour and pearl. They have many pudding like, chocolate, coffee,also grass jelly on top. If you are pudding lover, you might love this pudding so much. 

In my opinion, Hong Tang is the best Taiwanese dessert in Town, the service is great too and the price is affordable. Maybe for next visit I have to try their hot selection or maybe ice cream mix.

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Hong Tang
Pantai Indak Kapuk (PIK)
Rukan Garden House Blok B no 18D, Bukit Golf Mediterania
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
Tel : +628 9898 9585 

Muara Karang
Jl. Pluit Karang Timur O8 no 72
Jakarta Utara
Tel : +628 6611213

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