Saturday, 4 May 2013

Pan Ya

How doesn't like cake and bread? I have one of my favourite bakery called Pan Ya. Comes from Okoyama, Japan. They served natural and healthy bread. Beside that they also have  unique, yummy and special than other bakery. So let me share to you, why I love them.Since so many bakery in Jakarta, they are compete with the others, trying to show how good they are served bread and cake. They want to take our attention by their food display, so it looks really tempting. But Pan Ya comes with traditional with Japanese style of bread. They successfully make me back again and again to their store. 

Pan Ya has many cake and bread variant, but so far I only tried their bread. Basicly, they divided their variants into two station, there are savoury and sweet bread. In the savoury station, they have sausage bread, curry bread, etc. In sweet station, they have yummy bread such as mochi, white ball, kurumilk, melon pan, cream custard  bread, donuts, oyaki choco and karumi cheese. 

White Ball Rp. 7,000,- ; Mochi Rp. 5,500,- ; Kurumilk Rp. 10,000,-

Here's my favorite bread that make me back again and again to Pan Ya. There are kurumilk the long one. That is walnut bread they filled cream in the middle so it taste sweet and creamy. White Ball is the most unique bread that I ever know, it is not mochi, it is not bapau, neither is bread. So they are successful make three combination between mochi, pau and bread. The last one is mochi. Even though the mochi has no filling inside, but I like the texture the present in mochi. It is chewy and empty in the middle.

If you are kinda curious what it taste, go grab them in address bellow 

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