Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Modern Rengginang from Mr Crunchy

Do you know rengginang? In english we usually called them as Glutinous Rice Crispy. Generally, glutinous rice crispy does not get any spice, the served as original as they are, so it will taste natural savoury. Mr Crunchy has innovation to enjoy rice crispy with many modern flavour like beef, cheese, spicy or even sweet rice crispy like chocolate. offer another style of rice crispy. Mr Crunchy founded by Prasetya Mulya Business School student. One of their mission to introduce and popularize traditional food, especially rice crispy.

I really in love with the idea with seasoning rice crispy. It is because they make traditional food like this because modern and you will have another choice of rice crispy, without boring with the original spice.

Couple weeks ago, I've got some tester from them. Here's what I've got

I've got Mr Crunchy beef, cheese, spicy and rainbow

In my opinion, my favorite rice crispy from Mr Crunchy are all the savoury flavour. But in my opinion the rainbow is not really good, it is too sweet.

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Mr Crunchy
Tel : +628 7877960680


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