Monday, 1 April 2013

Tester Pack by The Mama Gourmet

Last week, I've got some homecook delivery fresh from The Mom's Gourmet. Maybe some of you never heard about The Mom's Gourmet. Let me tell a story behind yummy food The Mom's Gourment Since 2012, they started catering service which is provide healthy and yummy for from door to door. They have many variants menu in a week, so not like the others catering, you won't get bored with the menu they served. Now they are growing as healthy catering, they also provide chicken floss and another ready spice for busy mom. Here they are

I've got it in lunch time and the menu of that day were:
  1. chicken thai green curry
  2. cap chay (thai style)
  3. bean sprout with mango
  4. seafood soup
  5. rice

Chicken Thai Curry, Cap Chay and Beansprout with Mango comes in one packed. I really love with the Cap Chay and Beansprout with Mango. Beansprout with Mango taste different with my home cook vegetables. Maybe it is because they use soy beans. Then Cap Chay comes little bit less spice, maybe because they use healthy ingredients. Chicken Thai Curry comes so lovely, even it is out of my imagination. I thought it will me like curry soup, but they served little bit dry. But it taste so great and also this is an healthy meal, because they don't use any coconut milk, so if you have cholesterol, you still could enjoy this dish, without fear of you cholesterol rate. 

Seafood Soup comes with sour and spicy looks like tom yam soup. In my honest opinion, it is little bit tasteless and the shrimp is not fresh. I wish they could served as good as the other dish. 

For all, I kinda dazzled with the mission of Mama Gourmet which is to provide healthy food for busy mom. Beside this healthy dish, they also provide fast served food for busy mom, like nugget made by salmon and chicken. 

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Mom's Gourmet 
Tel : +62878 8110 8887  

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