Thursday, 21 March 2013

BlackBall : New Dessert in Town


Welcome to new dessert in town, that is BlackBall.  Before they opened their store, so many I  passed by their store and I kinda curious what dessert they will serve. Is it same like the phenomenal and everlasting dessert Honey Moon Dessert or are they look like Hong Tang? I don't know, I don't have any preference. So when I've got any chance after Bakerzin Cooking Class by Groupon me with Aline, Tikka and Mulie went there to try them. Let's seek out what BlackBall has!


BlackBall first store is located in Central Park. It is there first store in Indonesia. Before they present here. BlackBall already famous in Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, China, Australia, and many more. BlackBall has speciality in their grass jelly, that's why BlackBall votes as Taiwan no 1 grass jelly.

BlackBall served so many kind of dessert you could choose from their favourite dessert which is BlackBall Signature or BlackBall Combo Series, Smoothies Series until their Signature Drinks. You could choose what dessert which is really suite on you. 

As it was my first experience with my foodies friends, I tried their most popular and favourite menu which is BlackBall Signature. You could choose between ice, hot, or cold. Me and Aline choose BlackBall Signature Original A1. Then Mullie and Tikka picked BlackBall Signature 3 Mung Bean Ice. 

BlackBall Signature 3 Mung Bean Ice Rp. 26,000,-
Mullie and Tikka dessert comes with Mung Bean Ice, Grass Jelly, Yam Balls, Mung Bean, Sweet Potato Balls, Brown Sugar Kanten Jelly. Since I don't like mung bean, so I don't really into there dessert. I think I prefer with mine.

BlackBall Signature Original Rp. 26,000,-
Me and Aline comes with grass jelly, yam balls, sweet potato balls, taro q, pearls and red bean. In my opinion BlackBall dessert is not my dessert type. It is because the dessert comes out of my imagination. I thought it will be shaved ice, but it comes with less ice and the syrup they use smell of spices. Even though I'm not really like it, but I really love with their grass jelly. As they are voted as no. 1 grass jelly in Taiwan, their grass jelly is really smooth and yummy. I love it. Their pearl is nice, and the sweet potato balls, yam balls and taro q are remind me of 'biji salak' on of Indonesia traditional dessert. 

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