Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Contemporary French Dessert : Garcon Bistro Bar Patisserie

After tired had window shopping in Senayan City and we crossed to Plaza Senayan, we thought we need to took time to had another chit chat and to straighten our leg muscle by sat in Garcon. My friend Octa said Garcon is famous with their dessert, so I kinda curious that what is Garcon speciality look like. When I walked in, they served so many yummy dessert til I have to finger licking because they have so many pretty and cute dessert to tried. 

Garcon has vintage retro style interior with white colour becoming their main color. They also have long dark brown sofa, it makes this french resto not to elegant but comes with their fancy ways to welcome the customer. They served so many kinds french food, but we were still full, so we decided to tried their french dessert.

To accompany our cakes, we ordered some drinks. I ordered hot tea, I picked earlygrey. Then my friends ordered amborsie, little red and ice lemon tea. Amborsie is one of Garcon's juice specialty. It is combination between yoghurt blend, peach, raspberry, honey and lemon. It looks good with pink colour, but it taste too sweet. Maybe the honey makes it is too sweet. Little Red comes with red beat, honey, lemon juice, banana, orange juice and pineaplle. It tasty and more fresh and Amborsie.

For dessert, we picked two dessert. One from the menu they serve, the others we picked on the show case cake. We had Baba Au Rhum, Vanille Chantily and Vanille Custard Mille-feuille

Baba Au Rhum Rp. 50.000,-

Baba Au Rhum comes with white cupcakes soaked with rhum and raisins, top with whipped cream. In my opinion, it is not Garcon's best dessert. The cake is dry and even it soaked in rhum it still dry. Then for a person who doesn't really like raisins, maybe it is not the best choice at all.

Vanille Custard Mille-feuille Rp. 35,000,-

Vanille Custard Mille-feuille comes so yummy and great. I like it too, but as I remember last time I ate Mille-feuille the pastry is really easy to break. In Garcon, their Mille-feuille comes with mate and sticky custard also thick pastry. 
For all, I think for the next visit I have to try their main course. Then for the service and price I think it is little bit pricey when I am not really satisfyid with cake and dessert they served. But I give them another chance for main course, maybe they served yummy and great food to taste my buds.

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Garcon Bistro Bar Patisserie
Plaza Senayan Level 4 No. 410
Tel : +628 57900140çon 

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