Tuesday, 25 September 2012


MyCha is new bubble tea in Plaza Indonesia EX. Last time I visited EX, I was craving for bubble tea and I decide to tried MyCha bubble tea. I came to early in MyCha so, the waitress and waiter not ready yet to served the customer. But, how about the bubble tea, is that ready to served me?

I am not sure wheres MyCha come from it is Indonesia bubble tea, or it is from aboard. I don't really care where they come from. My Cha outlet dominant with green colour, when you enter them, you will welcome with green chair, green cashier, everything is green here.  

MyCha Menu

MyCha has many bubble tea variant such as milk tea, fresh milk, fresh fruit tea, oriental drink, healthy drinks, smoothies, and coffee. MyCha has many several topping, there are pearl, pudding, grass jelly, red bean, nata de coco, and jelly konyaku. They have many favourite drink, symbols with tea leaf beside the name of the menu. 

Matcha Milk Tea Rp. 25,000,-
Grass Jelly Topping Rp. 28,000,-

I craved with matcha, so I ordered Matcha Milk Tea with grass jelly. The green of matcha looks good, and I choose less ice and normal sugar. In my opinion, my Matcha Milk Tea taste good, but the grass jelly is not too great. So in my opinion, maybe I have to try the another their favourite drink. 

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Plaza Indonesia EX 1st Floor Unit 069
Tel : (021) 71114111


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