Thursday, 6 September 2012

First Love Cake Patisserie : The Thousand Layer Cake

First Love Cake Patisserie is one of biggest mille crepe supplier in Jakarta. At first, mille crepe is come from France it made from japanesse who live in France and named as mille crepe, but mille crepe is more popular in Asia such Japan, Taiwan, Koreo, Hongkong and many more. Now, First Love Cake also available in Jakarta. If you go to Plaza Indonesia, you will find First Love Cake kiosk there, even it is little tiny kiosk, but the marketing said they usually sell more than 100 pan a day, so many right. But unfortunately, in Plaza Indonesia, First Love Cake doesn't sell per piece mille crepe you have to buy 1 pan of mille crepe. But, don't worry, they supply in many cafe surround Jakarta, such Dante Coffee, Noodle Cafe, Kitchenette, B-Side Kawai and many more, so if you want to buy per piece you could go to that cafe or resto. As the biggest supplier mille crepe, First Love Cake available in many flavor such as original, green tea, oreo, coffee, blueberry. 

Couple months I go I am so lucky that I got voucher from First Love Cake and I share 1 pan of mille crepe with Aline. So, without double thought, I go to First Love Cake kiosk in Plaza Indonesia, and redeem my voucher. I thought I could choose another mille crepe flavor beside original, but the cashier said if I want ordered beside original flavor, I have to order before I visited their store, so I come it and order the original mille crepe. So here it is!  

Original Mille Crepe Rp. 280,000,- (Per Pan)

This my original mille crepe. It is so great if you served 15 minutes from the freezer, so it taste looks like ice cream cake. The mille crepe is so soft and yummy. They topped with melted sugar and it looks shinny. It taste so great.

As I really curious with another mille crepe flavor, so I bought per piece in B-Side Wakai couple weeks ago. They served original, green tea, oreo, and coffee. So in this chance, I ordered their oreo and green tea.  

Oreo Mille Crepe Rp.35,000,-

The oreo mille crepe is great. They put oreo biscuit on the mille crepe, so the oreo flavor is stronger. For the oreo and chocolate flavor, it will be you favourite. 

Green Tea Mille Crepe Rp. 35,000,-

This is green tea mille crepe, it looks pale and dry on the topped. In my first guest I thought this is not First Love Cake mille crepe, but it is First Love Cake mille crepe. I don't know it is dry from the First Love Cake or it is dry because B-Side cannot store this mille crepe right. 

So in my opinion, it will next hype cake in Jakarta, but unfortunately, the mille crepe seller is less than rainbow cake or red velvet cake. Maybe it is because the difficult level to make mille crepe is harder than rainbow cake or red velvet cake. Even it is hard to find the seller, I would make post about Mille Crepe in Jakarta soon. WIsh me luck ya!

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First Love Cake Patisserie
Plaza Indonesia Level 3 E301-1
Telp: 021 3623 2828

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