Friday, 28 September 2012

Festival Kuliner Serpong : Minang Nan Rancak

Last week, Me and my family visited Festival Kuliner Serpong. I came in dinner time so it is crowded. This year is their second year Festival Kuliner Serpong held by Summarecon the organizer, I am waiting for this festival because this year has different theme than last year. This year Festival Kuliner Serpong has Minang theme, it looks from the entry, you could see Rumah Gadang and Jam Gadang. Minang theme you could see from the waiter who wear Minang traditional clothes. So here's what I ate in FKS2012.

Rumah Gadang is one of Minang symbol, it is Padang trademark and cultural heritage of Padang, so this trademark bring to make the visitor feels like you are in Minang, so lovely. 

Here's the food stall, pardon me I could not take many picture because of the crowd. In FKS2012, there are so many food stall, some of them present Sumatra Island like Pempek from Palembang, Sate Mak Syukur from Padang, Martabak Medan from Medan. But if you are still love with javanesse food, you could find it too, there are nasi kucing, soto betawi, sate sapi pak kempleng and etc. Beside food stall, there are many hawker food like kue cubit, kue leker, es panggang, and many more. What I have in FKS2012 are Bola Ubi, Martabak Medan, Tahu Teek, Pempek Sanjaya, Bebek Kaleyo and Es panggang.

Bola Ubi from Leas

Bola Ubi is my favorite snack all the time. This Bola Ubi looks same from outside but when you bite them, it will be so crunchy and this ball is hollow, but that is art of Bola Ubi. Usually Bola Ubi here is sweeter than the other, but when I taste them feel the same like the others.

Martabak Medan 

Martabak Medan is my sister favourite martabak, it is different with savoury martabak because this martabak is egg based and filled with potato, leeks. Martabak Medan is tasteless.

Tahu Teek from Tahu Teek

Tahu Teek is my mom dish, first the tofu is fried and served with soy sauce, peanut sauce, bean sprouts and leeks. My mom said this Tahu Teek is tasteless too. 

Pempek from Pempek Sanjaya

Pempek is my family favourite dish. This Pempek is from Pempek Sanjaya which is one of famous Pempek producer in Jakarta. I never tried Pempek Sanjaya before. Pempek Sanjaya has light fish flavour whereas I love Pempek with strong fish flavour, also the dipping is tasteless, so I don't think I would buy Pempek Sanjaya next time. 

Bebek Kremes from Bebek Kaleyo

Bebek Kaleyo is my favorite bebek, it is great, the duck is marinate well, the crispy is crunchy combine with spicy sambal, even it is so spicy and I don't like spicy but I don't mind to eat them again and again.

Ice Cream Panggang

Es Panggang is my first list in my head when I visited here, I love the bread, looks so traditional and the ice cream is es puter with many flavour variant. I love the combination between toast and ice cream. 

Festival Kuliner Serpong is seasonal so if you are interested to try many food from Minang and others so grab them soon. They only held til October 7, 2012

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Festival Kuliner Serpong
Summarecon Mall Serpong
Operational Hours:
Mon-Fri 4pm-10pm
Sat-Sun 11am-11pm

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