Monday, 10 September 2012

Lunch Invitation by Manhattan Fish Market

Last wednesday, I was invited by Manhattan Fish Market to tried their manhattan flaming seafood platter. It is my honor to visit them. Before I was invited by Lunch Invitation in Manhattan Fish Market, I wrote review about Manhattan Fish Market, and I wrote that I was wondering if I could tried their flaming fish, so I was invited to tried their flaming. You could check my MFM review here. I am so happy that the marketing Manager of MFM miss Chendy read my blog and have attention about what I wrote. So here what I ate in my Lunch Invitation. Check this out!

The ambient in Manhattan Fish Market is great, the ambient really comfy. it makes me wanna hangout here. Every Manhattan Fish Market has different theme in one outlet to the others. Manhattan Fish Market in Central Park has fisherman theme, so you will see many nets anywhere also the fish storage. It is looks homey with wood as the main color use in the interior. 

First miss Chendy ordered me drink. She ordered me Gummy Bear, it is new mocktail in Manhattan Fish Market. Gummy Bear is combination of blue curracao and tropical mix. It is so fresh. 

Gummy Bear Rp.25,000,-

For the appetiser, she ordered me Mushroom Soup. In my last visit in Manhattan Fish Market, the Mushroom Soup is too salty. I love savoury, so I added salt to my mushroom soup. For people who doesn't like savoury maybe, the mushroom soup is oke. I love the creamy mushroom soup. 

Mushroom Soup Rp. 19,000,-

For the main course, she ordered me Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter. It is most favorite dish in Manhattan Fish Market. This manhattan flaming seafood platter is big portion, regularly it is for two. But I came to MFM by my self so I tried my self to eat all of them by self. 

Before it is served, there is man flame the prawns. So, here's my dish after flaming. Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter is deep fried fish fillet, they used dory fish, fried calamari, fried oyster and MFM signature flaming prawn served with garlic herb rice and chips with broccoli and carrot. 

Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter Rp. 179,000,-
In my opinion the Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter is yummy. I like it. The rice is great, it is not strong garlic, but when you combine with the fish, calamari, oyster or flaming prawn. It will be great. The fried fries it crunch. The fried dory fish is smooth and topped with their special sauce. I love the topping. The fried calamari is crunchy and chewy. The oyster also great and the flaming prawn is my favourite part. When they flaming the prawn, the aroma of prawn and white sauce is stronger. I love it. 

After all savoury things they served, now it is time for dessert. Manhattan Fish Market has signature dessert which is Manhattan Mud Pie. I never tried their Mud Pie, but Miss Chendy said this is her favourite dessert. 

Manhattan Mud Pie Rp. 19,000,- 
Manhattan Mud Pie is combination between cake and ice cream. The ice cream is wrap by chocolate cake. So, for chocolate lover, they will really love this. The mud pie topped texture it looks like chocolate brownies and topped with nut. It is so amazing. The chocolate ice cream inside is frost and the chocolate is so rich. For me, I am a chocolate lover, but I feel little bit boring taste in their Manhattan Mud Pie, maybe they could added some vanilla things on it,  maybe they can use vanilla and chocolate ice cream on it. 

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