Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Marina : Mee Udang Singapore

Last sunday, I was invited by Marina Mee Udang Singapore with Rian and his wife, Julia and his bf, me and Sara. Marina Mee Udang Singapore has signature dish which is marina mee udang. Marina Mee Udang Singapore opened since 4 months ago, it is new mee udang in town. They located in Taman Ratu, which is famous as food center in west Jakarta. Before they opened Marina Mee Udang Singapore, the owner Mrs. Savitri loves to travelling to Singapore, so they usually eat Prawn Mee in Singapore, and it is tasteless. So from the idea of tasteless prawn mee in Singapore, she and his husband bring the idea of yummy Mee Udang in Jakarta. 

The interior is dominated with white colour, and the furniture is wood color. It is so homey place, for you eating with your family or with your friends. The kitchen is in front of the restaurant so you could see how they cook your mee udang.

Bakso udang is Marina Prawn Mee homemade, they made by their self the bakso udang. It is so yummy, the prawn is tasty, but I think maybe they could served the fried meatball, so it will be great to combine with the marina prawn mee

Ice Lychee and Ice Peach are new menu that will be available in Marina Prawn Mee next weeks. So it is my honor to tried their new drink. I tried the ice peach, it is so fresh and the peach is great. In my opinion this ice lychee and ice peach is so great, but maybe the tea color should be darker. 

Marina mee udang is signature dish here. Marina mee udang consists of 3 pieces of shrimp, two shrimp balls, pork ribs, vegetables and noodle. The noodle is chewy and yummy. The shrimp is fresh also accompany with shrimp meatballs, it is same like shrimp meatballs above. The pork ribs is great, also they put crunchy oil from pork, it is amazing. I don't like spicy, so in my opinion the soup is too spicy, because they put the chili powder on it, so the colour will be red and tempting. If you don't like chili, you could asked them marina mee udang without chili, it could be request. 

Mie Kepiting is another menu here. In the picture, they put the crab shell on the noodle, but when it served they don't put on it. The noodle is different with the marina mee udang, it is thinner and more curly. Mie kepiting consists of noodle, vegetable, pork, shrimp, and crab. If you don't eat pork, you have to request this mie kepiting without pork. 

Fried noodle is so great, the vegetable and meatballs and many ingredients on fried noodle makes this fried noodle is rich. It reminds me with fried noodle in Mangga Besar, it looks like the same, but this fried noodle more moist. They use the same noodle like marina prawn mee, and it makes me curious if I come here again, what I want to order marina prawn mee or fried noodle. 

Anchovy fried rice is sweet, I mean I wish this anchovy fried rice is savoury because they put anchovy on it. But it is great and the meatballs and many things on is rich. But for me, I prefer the fried rice is savoury, not sweet. 

In my opinion Marina Prawn Mee is great, even we wait quite long for our dish. Also Mrs Savitri said they would added more menu for side dish and snack maybe, so we could came for snack time. 

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Marina Mee Udang Singapore
Taman Ratu blok D11 no 22
Tel : (021) 9508 5895

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