Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Tea Master

Tea Master is new bubble tea in Puri Indah Mall Jakarta. My home is near Puri Indah Mall, so I go to Puri Indah once or twice a week, so I always update every new resto, new stall or something happen in Puri Indah Mall. Before Tea Master opened, there was only one bubble tea,which is Cha Time and I am kinda boring with Cha Time. So when they open their store I really happy. After Tea Master opened, I never visited Cha Time again, and I prefer Tea Master.  

Tea Master has many bubble tea variants such as original milk tea, tea master house special, flavoured milk tea, and etc. They have many topping such as pearl, grass jelly, egg pudding, passion fruit boba, mango popping boba, rainbow jelly, aiyi jelly, coffee jelly. For the size, they have two size, regular and large. 

In my first chance I visited Tea Master, I tried Summer Fruit Tea with popping boba and my friends Desca with her sister tried green honey dew milk tea with pearl and passion fruit yoghurt tea. 

Tea Master Menu

L - R
Passion Fruit Yoghurt Tea Rp.18,000,- + Passion Fruit Popping Boba Rp.4,000,-
Green Honeydew Milk Tea Rp.18,000,- + Pearl Rp.3.000,-
Summer Fruit Tea Rp.18,000,- + Mango Popping Boba Rp.4,000,-

I am so lucky when I visited them they made promotion to free upsize so I ordered their regular size but I got large size. So the price mention above is regular price. 

Passion Fruit Yoghurt is so fresh and the passion fruit so great. I really love it. Green Honeydew Milk Tea is so great. It is my favourite drink here. The honeydew so sweet, maybe it is too sweet, but I usually ordered less sugar, so it will be great. Summer Fruit Tea is so fresh too. The topping, the pop boba is interesting because when you bite the boba the filling will be pop in your mouth. It is unique topping. The pearls is so-so. The egg pudding is so smooth and yummy. 

For all Tea Master drink and topping is green honeydew milk tea with egg pudding with less sugar and less sugar. How about you?

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Tea Master 
Mall Puri Indah 
LG Unit 678
Mall of Indonesia (MOI) 
Mall Kelapa Gading 3
Food Hall (Coming Soon)

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