Thursday, 10 May 2012

Magnum New Flavour

From television I know that Magnum launch there new flavour. Here it is I share what new flavour they have.  For my last time eat magnum, they have classic, chocolate-cappuccino, almond, and chocolate truffle. Now they also have chocolate strawberry, chocolate brownies and hazelnut. 

Like you know magnum before famous like now ever been present in 1990's. When I was in junior high school. It was my favourite ice cream too, even they only had limited flavour. Now they are come again with their new concept also they have many flavour.

For the chocolate strawberry, it is looks like a classic one, but they add strawberry on it. It is sour *yes off course because there is strawberry on it* but it is fresh too with their strawberry additional.

For the chocolate brownies, I like it so much from the first bite I could feel this ice cream  so likes brownies, even I don't feel any brownies in the ice cream. The ice cream is chocolate and the topping is combination between chocolate and nut. It so yummy. You have to try this

For the golden hazelnut. Since I don't really like with nut family, I prefer the chocolate brownies or chocolate strawberry. But if you are nut lover, you will be happy with magnum new flavour. The taste of golden hazelnut magnum is so incredible. It is out of my expectation. This is the best magnum flavour that I like. The ice cream is hazelnut then mix with nut outside. So yummy, you have to try this

This new flavour of magnum you could get in Carefour, Giant, or hypermart also in Hero and any super market in Jakarta or in the other city. Enjoy!

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