Saturday, 12 May 2012

XO Suki Puri Indah

XO Suki is my favourite place to eat suki in mall. I knew XO Suki because the owner is my dad's friends family, so in their soft opening I ever invited by XO Suki. But since they spread their business now they are also franchise XO Suki. So not all XO Suki outlet are handle by my dad's friend family. Their first XO Suki in Emporium Pluit. But nowadays you don't have to try XO Suki in Emporium Pluit, coz they have many outlet in Jakarta.

In this visit, I visited XO Suki Puri Indah Mall, it was weekdays also I came in 3 p.m so there were no people eat there beside me. Then the waiter served me and my little sister well. Also first I came there, I have to pick which food I want and I could pick which soup I want. In XO Suki you could pick chicken soup or tom yam soup. But since my little sister and me cannot eat spicy food, so we order the chicken soup.

For beverages here, I ordered their X.O lychee tea. It is so fresh and sweet. But in my opinion the sweet level of lychee tea is too sweet for me. 

Ice Lychee Tea Rp.26,000,-
For beverages here, I ordered their X.O lychee tea. It is so fresh and sweet. But in my opinion the sweet level of lychee tea is too sweet for me. 

Flat Fish Rp.30,800,-

Tofu Rp.18,800,-
Seafood Meatball Rp.28,800,-

Seaweed Meatball Rp.27,800,-

Salmon with enoki Rp.57,600,-

Fish Noodle Rp.24,800,-

Skin Tofu Rp.24,800,-

Shrimp Dumpling Rp.24,800,-

Then for food, I ordered many kind of food. My sister favourite is meatball, so all meatball is hers. Then for me I like their shrimp also the skin tofu and salmon with enoki are great here. After food that we picked up ready in our table, the waiter boiled the soup then put one by one into the pot. Sometimes in peak time, the waiter won't help you like I was. You have to cooked by yourself.

For the chicken soup like usual I like it so much also the food always great here. Then if you craving there dim sum. It is not available in Puri Mall, so you can find it in Senayan City, Emporium Pluit, and Tomang outlet. 

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XO Suki 
Puri Indah Mall #1
Tel : (021) - 582 2487


  1. gw baru mau bilang gw ga pernah ke XO suki tapi tiba2 gw inget gw pernah! hahaha. gw pernah ke XO suki yang di tomang. gw sukanya yang kayak baso2an bentuk angsa/bebek soalnya bentuknya bagus :p

    1. Yang kayak apa bentuknya, gw ga pernah liat yg angsa2 hehe. Yg tomang ada dim sumnya ya? gw emg lebih suka XO Suki yg ada dim sumnya hwhwh

  2. I loveee salmon and beef wrapped enoki here! :D

    1. Ahh semuanya emang enak rene disana :)



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