Monday, 7 May 2012

Omo! Chicken Central Park

Omo Chicken is one of crunchy chicken resto in Jakarta. First time I know omo chicken is because the cute yellow chicken as omo mascot. So this time I am curious how the crunchy chicken taste. Since many crunchy chicken resto chicken in Jakarta, I wanna try one by one crunchy chicken.

In omo chicken like the other crunchy chicken order system, we have to come to cashier to ordered food and beverage. Then we will wait our food to process then the waiter will  served it to you.

For ambient omo chicken, I like it so much with their mascot also the interior is really make us happy. With dominant white and red also the comfy sofa. So you could pick where you wanna sit, in sofa or regular chair. Then the service, for me omo chicken service is great, the waiter asked me what I need before they leave me to eat the chicken.

They have many kind of crunchy chicken, but their favourite food is combo chicken with salad and rice. Also you could choose what sauce you want. They have 3 kinds of sauce, soya, hot and tomato. Also they have many kinds of side dish and quick bites. 

In this visit I ordered crunchy chicken soya sauce and tomato sauce. Then for rice I top up the rice become rice ball with anchovy and seaweed. Then I should added 4,545 for top up. For drink, since I ordered combo chicken, so I got beverage too. Their favorite tea is Korean Barley Tea. Also for information, omo chicken cooked by canola oil. It sounds great right, so it means healthier and the others. 

For my food, combo chicken, I like the anchovy and seaweed rice ball. It is great also cute. Then the crunchy chicken, I like their sauce between soya and tomato sauce. Then salad, I like it too. I think I really like the combo chicken. For my beverages, Korean barley tea is so weird, I don't like it. But the Korean barley tea made from wheat. It sounds health but it doesn't taste good. For me omo chicken is really good. I gonna back to taste other side dish or quick bite.

Combo Chicken Rp.38,000,- + Up Rice Rp.5,000,-

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Omo! Chicken
Central Park Level 3-121
Jl. Let. Jendral S Parman Kav. 28!/Omochickenclub


  1. uuuuuu gw ga gitu demen si omo... aneh rasanya.. apa lagi ocha-nya.. haaa weird nez... tapi bola2 yg ijo itu enak ga??

    1. iya tehnya ga enak sih, cuman mau ga mau peb soalnya paket Kalo bola2nya enak campuran seaweed sama ikan asin hahaha enyakk



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