Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sushi Naga

Sushi Naga is one of my favorite sushi. When I am too lazy to go to sushi tei or going to other sushi resto, I am prefer sushi naga to fulfill my want to eat sushi. Sushi Naga is quite famous in Jakarta Barat region. Since my home is Jakarta Barat region, maybe it is my comfort sushi for me. Sushi Naga established since couple years ago. For the first time I came here, many people said the chef is from sushi tei, so maybe you could taste the same taste like sushi tei or could order the same menu here. 

Then for the ambient here, I really love their comfy sofa. It makes me enjoy while eating, but one thing that for me it is little bit distrub me is the table for sofa is too short for me. Maybe because I am tall, but for me it makes me full quickly. Then after all I like their ambient and their lighting, is low so make you comfy.

For this visit, I order cold ocha. It is general ocha like you order in othe japanesse resto or sushi resto.

Then for food, I order kitsune udon. It is a plain udon, I ordered this because I just miss the yummy and comfort udon soup and I don't wanna eat too much meat, coz I wanna focus with my sushi. This udon consist of vegetable and skin tofu. 

 Kitsune Udon Rp.30,000,-
Then this is ebikko gunkan. I ordered this coz the tobikko is more expensive than this ebiko, while the taste for me is quite same.

Ebikko Gunkan Rp.10,000,-
This is kanikama mentai and unagi mentai sushi. I love mentai sushi coz their combination of cheese and mayonise on top. Also it is melting in your mouth. I like this mentai too. You should try this.

Kanikama Mentai Sushi Rp.15,000,-
Unagi Mentai Sushi Rp.15,000,-
Then this is selebrity crispy roll. It is sushi roll which consist of soft shell crab, and it is so yummy. Selebrity crispy roll is one of old menu here, but I will order this while I am visited here.

Selebrity Crispy Roll Rp.23,000,-
Then my last food I ordered here is salmon belly miso mayo. Fish belly is the yumiest food on earth, so this is my favorite sushi here too. You should order this while you visit here.

Salmon Belly Miso Mayo Rp.35,000,-
Then for dessert I ordered matcha ice cream. This matcha ice cream is really bold and it is equal with the price. Also for matcha lover, maybe it makes you addicted watch out.

Matcha Ice Cream Rp.15,000,-
For all it is worth to try, moreover if you are live in Jakarta Barat area. Also if you are coming in weekend better you come not in dinner time coz their comfy sofa mostly full and you've won't get a great place to sit.

For price here, they also charge for service 5% also tax 10%

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Sushi Naga Kembangan
Jl. Meruya Utara Blok E-8 / 21 across SMP 134
Tel : (021) -  589 06186/84

Sushi Naga BSD

 Jl. Letjen Sutopo Kav. Komersil E 1 / 1
Tel : (021) - 537 6008


  1. Dulu pernah sempet diajakin ke sini, tapi ga jadi-jadi.. :(

    Emang murah meriah banget kata temen gue..
    Sayang ga buka agak deket-deket rumah gue.. Haha..

    Hmm.. Kalau chef-nya dari Sushi Tei, berarti enak dong sushi-nya.. :)

    1. Sebenernya kalo lo liat harga per piecenya sih lebih murah dari sushi tei, tapi gw makan kayak gitu abisnya 200an juga ki. Kurang lebih sushi ya segituan sih harganya hahah.

      Iya emang enak, cuman tetep yah harga itu akan mewakili kualitas, jadi ada makanannya ya lebih rendah kurang lebih gradenya dari sushi tei :)

  2. ih aku jadi mau cobain yg di BSD selalu lewat tapi ga pernah mampir :p enak kan ya nez??

    1. enak kok peb, trs murah kalo dibandingin sama sushi tei. Cuman ga tau kenapa kalo makan disitu walaupun murah tapi habisnya sama2 aja kok hahaha



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